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Alchemist's Bench

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Alchemist's Bench
Alchemist's Bench



An Alchemist's Bench allows you to combine Tinctures for use in Alchemy.


This building becomes available after you have learned the Alchemy tech.


Built in a Compound


The building starts off with the following options:

  • Dump out the flask
  • Filter the precipitate
  • Inject Reducing Agent from the bottom - Will eliminate one part of a Tincture
  • Load the Alchemist's Bench with Petroleum (120 max)
  • Mix a batch of Reducing Agent
  • Sprinkle Reducing Agent on the surface - Will bring the total amount down.

Occasionally the bench will display

  • Stir the solution

With Tinctures in your inventory:

  • Mix... (Lists each Tincture in your inventory)
  • Use Tincture... (Lists each Tincture in your inventory)

With Tinctures in your inventory and with the skill Scrying:

  • Scry Tincture... (Lists each Tincture in your inventory)

When you filter the precipitate, it starts a 5-minute timer, although the Alchemist's Bench makes no mention of it, you are told the bench is busy if you try to Scry or mix a batch of reducing agent.

You can eliminate the timer by dumping out the flask.