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Ariella's Prospecting and Mining Camp Guide

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Small Mining Camp
Medium Mining Camp
Large Mining Camp

Metals from Mining Camps

  • Apophisite, Auricupride, Corinthiacum, Electrum, Hepatizon, Malardium, Orichalcum, Star Metal

Supplies Needed

  • Learn the Prospecting Technology at a University of Thought, must be at least a Level 16.
  • Make a Prospecting Axe on a Carpentry Bench > Tools > Assemble a Prospecting Axe (1 Large Crude Handle + 2 Steel).
  • Make Prospecting Kits in a Chemistry Laboratory (Set of 5 - 5 Jugs of Water + 10 Silver + 10 Boards + 5 Glass Jars).
  • Make a warehouse to hold your supplies and get ready for prospecting. 200 Prospecting Kits + Focus food + materials for several small, medium and large mining camps + Supply of different citrus fruits + Supply of the different metal bars + Supply of different cooking ingredients. Now to the why.
  • Build a Sign next to your warehouse and list all the amounts of supplies needed for however many sets of mines you want to build. Example: 3 sets of each size of Mining Camp. Easy to know how many to replenish in your supplies.
  • Remember to have enough mats for several mining camps of each size. The prospecting information will give you deben amount of metal. To make wise use of mining camp mats, a good rule of thumb to know which size mining camp to build might be:

Mining Camp Construction Costs

  • Costs depend on sizes of mining camps and regional locations.
  • HINT: You might make 6k shovels to be used in all Mining Camps to cut down on sorting through mats.
Material Small Medium Large
Wood 25 25 25
Canvas 1 (2) 1 (2) 1 (3)
Rope (for Construction Site) (4) (4) (8)
Shovel 5x Q2000 5x Q4000 5x Q6000
Large Crude Handle 2 2 2
Region-specific Metal Bar 3 6 9
Medium Diamonds 5 10 15
Region-specific Cooking Item 15 30 45
Region-specific Citrus 2 4 6

Prospecting - Where and How

  • Every 31 days, a new set of food type, metal bar and citrus fruit is required by each region. Players test with a construction site in each region and populate the Regional Mining Camp Materials List. (See below)
Orichalcum 112.jpg
  • Look at the Regional Mining Camp Material List by Region, note how many days are left for that list to be true, see what sets of food type/metal bars/citrus you have (usually your fruit is the main determiner) to see which regions you can build mining camps in for determining the region/s you will prospect in.


  • See the Atlas for where regions are.
  • To add to that Regional Mining Camp Material List, just build a small construction site within a region and choose Mining > Mining Camp. Help others by listing the new requirements! WARNING: To get your materials back choose Disassemble, not Tear Down!
  • Prospecting uses a Focus Timer (look under your Skills tab). If your chosen prospecting region is near, then eat Focus Food. If farther, then bring Box Lunches of Focus Food to eat only after you find metal areas with your Prospecting Kit.
  • Go to your chosen region with a Prospecting Axe, Mining Camp materials, corresponding Construction Site materials, Prospecting Kits and Focus Food Lunches.
  • Why mats for all sizes of Mining Camps and more than 1 Mining Camp? When you find a certain metal it may not be the one you were initially looking for but you want to go ahead and mine it for future use.
  • Use your Prospecting Kit first instead of random Prospecting. USE ON HIGHEST PART OF ELEVATION SO YOUR ENTIRE PROSPECTING MAP SHOWS AND DOES NOT HAVE PARTS OF IT DISAPPEAR INSIDE HIGHER GROUND. Grey is no metal, a color is metal.
Apophasite 439.jpg
  • Eat Focus Food Lunch (if you have not already eaten) if you have colored areas on your Kit map.
  • Use T8T8 and click Self > Skills > Prospecting. Pin the menu.
  • The prospecting map is a 29 x 29 coords square with either all of the map dark gray or with a smaller colored block in it.
  • A smaller colored block within the prospecting map ALWAYS means there is a metal in it.
  • The color of the metal block is indicative of how many debens of metal there is. Green to Red is lowest to highest amount of debens.
112 Debens 156 Debens 177 Debens 288 Debens 364 Debens 468 Debens 550 Debens
112 Debens.jpg 156 Debens.jpg 177 Debens.jpg 288 Debens.jpg 364 Debens.jpg 468 Debens.jpg 550 Debens.jpg
  • If you have a colored block, go stand in the center of the colored block (see above right) and hit Prospecting Icon in the upper left to see the type of metal and how many debens of metal there is. WARNING: PROSPECTING TOO CLOSE TO AN EDGE OF A COLORED BLOCK/GRAY AREA EDGE CAN GIVE YOU A FALSE NEGATIVE READING. Shift more into the colored area to prospect again.
Prospecting Icon.jpg
  • A good pattern of using prospecting kits is to stay in T8T8 camera mode, minimize chats so you can use your arrow keys, move 35 coords in one direction, use a prospecting kit, repeat in one direction until you get to uneven ground, then move over 35 coords and go back the other direction. Doing this on flat ground is easiest.

Mining Camps

  • The colored block edges define the boundaries of where your Mining Camp can be built. Build your Mining Camp 'EXACTLY' where you stood when you got a positive prospecting message.
Mining Camp Progress Green Bar.jpg
  • The smaller the mining camp, the slower it takes for all the metal and cuttable gems to be depleted. A Large Mining camp on a higher Deben site might take up to a week to deplete. So a Large Mining camp on a small 100 Deben site would finish quickly but be a waste of mining camp materials.
  • WARNING: Be aware that someone could encroach on a small or medium mining camp and build their small mining camp next to yours and so take part of that metal and cuttable gems amount that you first saw when you prospected it. Positioning, like with mines, might prevent others from doing that but most rely on politeness that other players will respect your prospecting work.
  • A mining camp receives not just the metal, but also cuttable gems.
  • To make wise use of mining camp mats, a good rule of thumb to know which size mining camp to build might be:
    • Small mining camp for up to 100ish deben metal: Use Small Construction Site. 10 metal per day, approximately 5 Cuttable Gems in 5 days.
    • Medium mining camp for 101 to 400ish deben metal. Use Small Construction Site. 21 metal per day, approximately 8 Cuttable Gems in 5 days.
    • Large mining camp for 400+ deben metal. Use Medium Construction Site. 64 metal per day, approximately 31 Cuttable Gems in 5 days