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Events Questions

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Please add a suggested prize and the current date of the suggestion. Please be specific. Examples: Emerald Light Box, 100 Gravel, 30 Ash DISCLAIMER: We will choose certain prizes from this list and will change the amounts of the prize to be appropriate.

  • Fishing Poles (2019-09-26)
  • Better Scythes (better than Glass Scythe which is Q3000) (2019-09-26)
  • Sheet Glass (2019-09-26)
  • Insects (2019-09-26)
  • Tangerine Marble (2019-09-26)
  • Hookah Bowls (2019-09-26)
  • Carpentry Blades (2019-09-26)
  • Glass Powder (2019-09-26)
  • Potash (2019-09-26)
  • Gypsum (2019-09-26)
  • Bauxite (2019-09-26)
  • Cement (2019-09-26)
  • Potash (2019-09-26)
  • Vegetable Seeds (2019-09-26)
  • Canvas (2019-09-26)
  • Huge Gems (2019-09-26)
  • Metal (2019-09-26)
  • Nails (2019-09-26)
  • Herb Sickles (2019-09-26)
  • Travel Elixirs (2019-09-26)
  • Flowers (2019-09-26)
  • Decorative Items (fountains, etc.) (2019-09-26)
  • Ranch Animals (maybe through a new type of token?) (2019-09-26)
  • 10 Salt, 10 Cow Milk (not relevant after we can feed/water Cattle) (2019-09-29)
  • Cuttable Stone (2019-09-29)
  • Extra Guild Hall upgrade tokens (2019-09-29)
  • Thermometers (2019-09-29)


Please add a suggested type of event and put your avatar name after it. Add your avatar name to a suggested event if it is what you would like too. Please only one avatar name in this area.

  • 1) Easter egg hunt style, but with 100x more eggs and instead of eggs you're hunting asps or something. At the end you can turn in baskets of asps for prizes.
  • 2) Invasive tree snakes! Work in teams to eradicate this pest by inspecting and carving your name (or someone else's) into every tree you can find. Other prizes may lurk in trees as well.
  • 3) Grand Potlatch Ceremony. Build up points by tossing your goods into the Nile. The gods will be impressed by the largest sacrifices. The more of the item sacrificed the fewer points it's worth.
  • 4) Conflict Games tournament.
  • 5) Hide and Seek - clues like in the Visions test are given to find a person or thing
  • 6) Searching the land from clues (like https://www.atitd.org/wiki/tale7/Events/Washed_Up_and_Put_Out_to_Dry)
  • 7) Herbs
  • 8) Digging
  • 9) Cooking
  • 10) Look for ducks randomly spawned near water and put them in a chicken coop to get them to lay 'fancy' eggs which contain a simple prize (Easter event) <cate>
  • 11) Run each of the formal events (controller events) in turn, with the intention of finding and fixing all the remaining bugs. Put all the information we know about how to participate on wiki so players can find it. <cate>
  • 12) Cartouche Building events, like the Tree of Light, the ghostly camel (can't remember it's name) and the horrid volcano thingy (also can't remember its name) <cate>
  • 13) Airship races and regattas up and down the Nile. Player organised, I guess, though some Events Team assistance might help kick start things
  • 14) Can acro sessions be automated so that every week a session is run somewhere, notified in Calendar. Once the event commences, the stadium calls time (every 3 minutes) so that all players stationed at the field get a popup msg or in Main "Time to MOVE!", with the entire session going for say 1hr 30m. <cate>
  • 15) Group building event - have a building site at Tanis, Avaris, and Meroe that anyone can contribute to(regardless of faction) once completed have the buildings give some bonus - maybe a temporary stat increase. <Kalixta>
  • 16) Phoenix races! <Kalixta>
  • 17) Skills events for all skill levels like the blacksmithing event of t8, or fishing, herb grape events where the request is for things that anyone might find/make. <Kalixta>