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Single Tinctures are made in an Assimilation Bath with the appropriate recipe.

Per Malard on Discord:

The "Complete" Basic tincture list

"Hr","Ek","Fy","Hy","Ot","Gb","Hp","Gu","Pn","Bn","Bt","Cn","Cp","Di","Rd","Rv", "Dm","Fa","Qr","Fd","Pz","Gs","Py","Hd","Ib","Hu","Ov","Il","Ig","Af","Ku","Tp", "De","Nu","Bz","Oc","Td","By","Ki","Sp","Bu","Ln","St","Ci","Ke","Sy","Tz","Cy", "Ka","Va","Vx","Dg","Iz","Ve","Ye","Fl","Ly","Qd","Yt","Dx","Ix","Qi","Rm","Sd", "Vk","Yq","Zi","Ep","Ft","Iv","Qe","Rs","Zh","Gl","Ip","Zd","Eb","Mx","Zy","Df", "Nf","Gr","Ml","Pf","Za","Ha","Mu","Pe","Rt","Zb","Ad","Ld","Tv","Ck","Lp","Sq", "Bf","Ko","Sl","Tq","Ct","Ls","Vu","Ds","Ev","Lx","Qn","Vh","Vn","Ch","Ob","Bl", "Le","Ts","Az","Op","Tk","Dh","Lt","Ri","Vq","Ap","Tn",

123 in total, Malard has hinted at the possibility of holding future events in order to make some more of these available, currently we are still restricted to the known 48 listed below.

Tincture List

Tincture Sun Stars Moon Left Right Tablet(s)
Bu Fivesleaf(5) Gold Ore(2) Petroleum(2) 89
Ek Onions(7) Copper Ore(3) Salt(4) 2 98
Ov Barley (Burnt)(4) Aluminum Ore(3) Silt(6) 75
Ot Katako Root(4) Cobalt Ore(1) Salt(6) 5 53
Hp Butter(4)) Red Sand (7) Salt(6) 8 20 7
Fy Common Rosemary(7) Copper Ore(2) Saltpeter(5) 99
Cn Indigo Damia(4) Gold Ore(5) Potash(6) 12 60
Cy Hylian Loach Meat(1) Magnesium Ore(1) Gypsum(7) 48 96
Py Butter(1) Cobalt Ore(7) Ash(5) 71 119
Gu Camel Milk(4) Magnesium Ore(4) Bauxite(6) 104
Rd Sky Gladalia(1) Copper Ore(1) Coal(1) 15 111
Gs Malapterurus Meat(5) Red Sand(4) Coal(2) -19 -7 70 118
Fa Golden Thyme(7) Gold Ore(4) Beeswax(7) 18 114
Ku Soapwort(6) Tin Ore(2) Charcoal(7) 31
Ki Tilefish Meat(1) Zinc Ore(7) Crushed Egg Shells(3) 39
Tz Dank Mullien(5) Magnesium Ore(4) Sulfur(5) 47 95
Ig Octopus Meat(7) Magnesium Ore(7) Silt(2) 77
Nu Headache Tree(4) Platinum Ore(1) Bauxite(4) 82
Sp Lemon Grass(1) Red Sand(5) Potash(7) 88
Sy Patchouli(5) Gold Ore(3) Potash(3) -19 -19 94
Cp Orange Niali(5) Iron Ore(5) Clay(6) 109
Di Chromis Meat(3) Tin Ore(7) Bauxite(1) 14
Ii Toad SKin Mushrooms(4) Nickel Ore(4) Coal(6) 28
Bn Rabbit Meat(2) Magnesium Ore(5) Sulfur(3)
Bt Shrub Sage(7) Red Sand(1) Saltpeter(7) 15 16
Fd Fool's Agar(5) Gold Ore(7) White Sand(7)
Gb Common Basil(1) Aluminum Ore(2) Beeswax(3)
Ln Pale Skirret(6) Magnesium Ore(5) Clay(7)
Oc Spiderling Mushrooms(2) Copper Ore(2) Clay(1) =16 -1
Pn Hogweed(5) Magnesium Ore(6) White Sand(3)
Pz Gokhru(1) Nickel Ore(7) White Sand(3)
St Oxyrynchus Meat(7) Zinc Ore(6) Silt(1)
Bz Octopus Meat(6) Tin Ore(6) Salt(1)
Ci Flaming Skirret(4) Gold Ore(5) Lime(5)
De Weeping Patala(6) Iron Ore(7) Coal(2)
Hd Headache Tree(3) Platinum Ore(5) Clay(7)
Qr Common Rosemary(3) Copper Ore(1) Petroleum(6)
Tp Bleubillae(3) Magnesium Ore(6) Lime(2)
Af Spiny Dogfish Meat(4) Lead Ore(5) Limestone(6)
By Flat Mushrooms(7) Iron Ore(7) Bauxite(7)
Dm Wheat (Dark Roasted)(5) Lead Ore(2) Petroleum(7)
Hr Tsangto(3) Gold Ore(4) Gypsum(3)
Rv Leeks(2) Lead Ore(4) Crushed Egg Shells(5) -2 9
Ke Crampbark(6) Aluminum Ore(1) Petroleum(6)
Hu Dwarf Hogweed(6) Copper Ore(1) Lime(6) -15 6
Ib Dewplant(4) Red Sand(1) Charcoal(1)
Hy Enchanter's Plant(2) Gold Ore(5) White Sand(4)
Td Malice Weed(7) Nickel Ore(2) Sulfure(6)


  • Single Tinctures are made in the Assimilation Bath.
  • All recipes also require you to place 7 drops of Grain Spirits of quality Water or better to start the process.
  • The Quality of the spirit does not affect the amount of Tincture you will receive from so best to use the Water Spirit if possible.
  • Each recipe will yield 50 tincture and take 5 minutes to complete.
  • There is a main message to indicate the tincture has finished. Sludge means you made a mistake in the recipe.


Used in an Alchemist's Bench.