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(Cage Map)
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*R -- Ruddy
*R -- Ruddy
*ST -- Sharp-toothed
*ST -- Sharp-toothed
*SH -- Short-haired
*H -- Short-haired
== Cage Map ==
== Cage Map ==

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Tale 8 Info Below
The below information has been copied from Tale 8. Tale 9 info should be created above this message.
If all information is updated for Tale 9, please remove the reference to the {{T8 Below}} template.


markerCirBl.png Public Trap built in 250-coordinate blocks, presumed live
markerCirYe.png Public Trap built in 250-coordinate blocks, built more than 30 days ago and needs verifying/rebuilding
markerCirLb.png Public Trap built outside the 250-coordinate block system.
markerCirRd.png Non-Public Trap.


  • B -- Brown
  • BT -- Bushy-tailed
  • F -- Furry
  • P -- Pygmy
  • R -- Ruddy
  • ST -- Sharp-toothed
  • H -- Short-haired

Cage Map

This map uses the CondMap template, if this map imports data from other maps please edit those. Please see Maps for further details and links to all raw data pages

List of Fennec signs and captures

See here

  • (Note - This list is separate from the fennec trap map and does not add icons to it.)