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{{Map Marker/Quartz|region=Arabia|coords=4866, 1041}}
{{Map Marker/Quartz|region=Arabia|coords=4866, 1041}}
{{Map Marker/Quartz|region=Nabta Playa|coords=-1371, 4813}}
{{Map Marker/Quartz|region=Nabta Playa|coords=-1371, 4813}}
{{Map Marker/Quartz|region=Arsinoe|coords=1887, 6218}}

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Map of Quartz Mines

This map uses the CondMap template, if this map imports data from other maps please edit those. Please see Maps for further details and links to all raw data pages

Adding New Quartz Mines

To add a new Quartz mine to this map, simply copy/paste the following template alongside the other {{Map Marker/Quartz}} references on this page and fill in the details:

{{Map Marker/Quartz|region=|coords=}}

Not feeling confident or just want more details on using this template? Check out the {{Map Marker/Quartz}} template page for additional details on usage.

Still feeling unsure about editing the list or just feeling lazy? Just post what details you can on this article's talk page without worrying about templates or formatting and someone else can handle the rest for you!