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POLL To evaluate community sentiment regarding the present queue and it's acceptability.

A number of Meshwesh are displeased with the current queue. It was established days before the test went live, nobody knew it was being made, and it filled up before most people found out. Discussion is underway regarding whether or not it should be done away with and if so, what should replace it. Please participate in the discussion and decision making process.

One example of a "Change" would be to follow Kush's lead, please read about their process here: https://atitd.wiki/tale9/Kush_Obelisk_Queue Another idea being discussed is a lottery type solution and all opinions are welcome as to how this would be handled in a fair way.

Please add your name and check whether you support keeping or changing the queue

What will be done after that will depend on community discussion, this is simply to get a feel for how we as a community feel about the issue. This poll is for players, not avatars. Please just put one vote per actual human player. Discussions are in Discord #Meshwesh channel If you are unable to access discord, please express yourself in faction chat ingame. If you do not have discord installed please go to https://discordapp.com/download

Once you have it installed, this invite will get you into ATITD chat.


Within the ATITD discord are individual channels including #Meshwesh. Please come and express your opinions for or against changing the existing queue.

Anyone more skilled than I at wiki editing, please feel free to improve this

Name Change Keep Unsure
Slartibartfast X
deedsotep X
Amuniet X
Freeportkid X
sahira X
Sol X
Grapeape X
Cyndi X
Zareen X
Basmati X
Ledge X
Bethany X
KayGee X
Radcliffe X