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| Styx || Naqada || High quality blacksmithed items and blown glass items || Please see my user page for a list
| Styx || Naqada || High quality blacksmithed items and blown glass items || Please see my user page for a list
| Udjai || Bernike || Glass items mainly || see my /info in game

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Tale 8 Info Below
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Trade in Egypt has traditionally been done on a one-to-one basis (that is you need to make an agreement with someone else to 'trade', and trade in person). With Advanced Trade and Carpentry 3, players can set up shops where goods are made available for purchase vending-machine style using exchange rates pre-configured by the shop owner. These shops use the Small Center and Small Corner structures, which hold inventory and payments for purchases.

Trade Exchanges


Shops require Advanced Trade and at least Carpentry 3.

Trading Post

A Trading Post allows for a secure trade between players. Both parties can see the Offer and the Bid. Once accepted by both parties the items are transferred to their new owner. This is especially useful for high-value trade items. Updates to trade messages in main now offer some confirmation of trade exchange.

  • Our ancestors were able to research Basic Trade to allow the construction of trading posts, however this still necessitated in both parties being there, which made it almost redundant.

Post Office Compounds

Player created Post Office complexes allow players to build a box or chest in a compound. Items are placed in the box and then ownership is transferred to the other party. This allows for off-line or out-of-time-zone trading. Box Trades have the downside of not being able to adjust items/quantities after the ownership is transferred, same as a normal box/chest. Once the box is transferred you cannot reclaim the items even if the other player has stopped playing. Boxes, chests and warehouse allow larger quantities of items to be exchange.

  • Player Post Offices are often provided by large guilds
  • Player Post Offices are normal compounds requiring standard building materials
  • Player Post Offices are subject to standard ownership rules including the T8 Guild No Public Access restriction.
    • The workaround for Guilds providing the post office is to have an elder create the box/chest and then transfer ownership to a named player.
  • Player Post Offices require either a cornerstone or maintenance.
    • Players with trade items in a Post Office need to be mindful of the account status of the buildings owner. Like all buildings if the cornerstone fails or the building falls into disrepair the items inside maybe irretrievable.
    • Building are subject any DPA laws passed.
      • DPA laws normally prevent an item belonging to an active account from being claimed.
      • Buildings owned by guilds with expired elders are subject to the normal process of Guild DPA

Bonfire Trading

Bonfires (T8) are no longer stable for CC exchanges unless the exchange is done quickly to avoid bonfire decay. The maximum size of bonfires is greatly reduced in T8. Large wood transfers can be done via multiple bonfires.

Specific Items


The following traders and guilds have established a desire to sell some goods:


Broker Region Sells Buys
tehm VoQ 7k Carp Blades, 8.5k Shovels Negotiable
Sunstrider MWD/Bitterlakes Hatchets and Shovels up to 9.8k Keeps changing, usually glass related stuff, see ingame info
Styx Naqada High quality blacksmithed items and blown glass items Please see my user page for a list
Udjai Bernike Glass items mainly see my /info in game

Trade Requests

Broker Region Last Updated Requests Offer
Azunar Swenett 22-09-19 Papyrus, Papyrus Basket, Linen, Potash, Sheet Glass Leather, Beeswax, Tuiton Herbs, Insects, Ask for other stuff
tehm VoQ 19-09-19 TBD 7k Carp Blades, 8.5k Shovels, more


  • To calculate the time you require to produce a specific item, check out what!