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(Osiris Beer Help List)
(Osiris Beer Help List)
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|'''CINNAMON|| || || ||
|'''CINNAMON|| || || ||
<!--PlayerName-->| Silden
<!--Osiris Requirements-->| Fruity Black Cinnamon
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|'''NUTMEG|| || || ||
|'''NUTMEG|| || || ||
<!--PlayerName-->| Khali
<!--Osiris Requirements-->| Spicy black Nutmeg

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Welcome to the Festivals guild page!

This is the main wiki home for coordinating our efforts in passing the Principles and maybe even some test passes for the Test of Festivals. The Guild hall is in Asyut at 1050, 2354, just east of zFree.

Thank you for visiting and contributing!

How do I test?

Participation Data

Upcoming Festivals Weekend

The festival for Osiris will be Saturday June 15, 2019, at 3 p.m. EST, 7 p.m. UTC.

The festival for (haven't decided yet) will be Sunday June 16, 2019, at 3 p.m. EST, 7 p.m. UTC.


Next Festival: The Osiris festival will be Saturday, June 15, 2019

I would like to have a longer list of beers we can brew for Osiris, but we are working with what we've got. Be prepared to:

  1. Test well ahead-of time. As early as possible. (aka now)
  2. Look at the beer database to see if your beer can be brewed.
  3. Do an individual festival, any type, and test again for your new Osiris requirement. This can be done every 16 server hours.

Its time to get ready for Osiris....Let the brewing begin! You will have one entire week to test for Osiris and reset your requirements as needed to get a brewable beer. Please do this as soon as possible.

  • Testing materials for Osiris: Item A: Flax (pillars), Item B: Barley (raw) (foci), and a partner to test with. Full Testing Instructions
  • Ambrosia made of : oil and beer (keep reading)
  • Altar Set up: surrounding an altar with (actively) growing flax, barley, onions, leeks, carrots, and garlic.

The majority of the beers for Osiris ambrosia will need to be individually brewed. This will take some time. To further complicate matters, there are beer flavor combinations (especially Spicy ones) that we have not yet discovered locations and recipes for. If you need one we cannot make, please do a mini-festival to reset your requirements, and test again. Resets can be done every 16 server hours.

"How do I know if my beer can be brewed?" The easiest way is to check Cegaiel's beer database. If it is not in the database, ask in festivals guild, or ask your favourite brewer if a recipe is possible. I have also attempted to make a compact list of all the Osiris combinations, with notes about whether or not there is a known recipe. Results here.... Osiris beer list

"I want to help, but I've never brewed beer before" I have attempted to write a guide for first-time beer brewers, with instructions for brewing from a recipe. It needs some polishing, but the text is there. Peacefulness has a collection of beer kettles and small barrels that she is willing to loan to those who need them. Grains and honey are available at the Festivals camp for those who need supplies.

Resetting your Osiris requirements: Successfully participating in ANY festival (pleasing a god) resets your requirements for ALL gods, including Osiris. You can please a god every 16 hours. Once you receive the "Pleased" pop-up, you can test for Osiris and find out what he wants from you. You can do a mini-festival all by yourself to reset your requirements. Dragging another Egyptian along is recommended, since it makes testing easier. If three players participate in your mini-festival, everyone will gain "percent satisfaction" points for that god.

So, you got an unbrewable beer for Osiris. You did a mini-festival and pleased a god to reset your requirements. You tested again. You have another unbrewable beer. (Sorry about your luck!) Wait at least 16 hours and do another mini-festival. You have the entire week to repeat this process as needed. Start early, reset every day, and retest after each god pleased.

Osiris beer planning

As in earlier tales, Osiris is asking for ambrosia made of beer that has two adjectives plus a malt-based flavor.
Possible adjectives are: Potent or Very Potent, Fruity, Spicy, Dry or Sweet, and Brown or Black,
Malt-based flavors are: Banana, Barley, Cherry, Cinnamon, Date, Honey, Nutmeg, and Orange.

Osiris beer brewers: First of all, thank you Very Very much for your assistance in this project. It is monumental!

When naming the successfully brewed beer, please keep the adjectives in the order listed on the "brewing results" window, and list all the adjectives the beer has. It is not necessary to include the flavor level (hint, noticeable, bold). If a player's requirements change, or they don't arrive for the festival, we have a better chance of being able to still use that ambrosia in the future.

Keeping that in mind, do also include the player's name at the end, so Joe will know that he's picked up the right one. Keeps down on the confusion and panic!

When looking at recipes, try to choose the one with the most adjectives. It gives the most versatile beer. So, if for some reason, Joe doesn't use it, it might not be completely wasted. If Joe needs an ambrosia made from Fruity Sweet Barley beer to please Osiris, its best to brew something with more adjectives and the final name might be as ridiculously long as:

Potent Fruity Spicy Sweet Brown Cinnamon Barley Beer for Joe.

When it is made into an ambrosia, please include all that information. A chest full of "Joe's ambro" will probably still have "Joe's ambro" in it when T9 gets here! I don't want to waste your time and efforts!

Osiris Beer Help List

PlayerName Osiris Requirements Possible? Brewer Progress
Eugenius spicy brown barley yes Solaris finished (not named just take from stock)
Silden Fruity Black Cinnamon
peacefulness VP Black Cherry yes premade finished
Khali Spicy black Nutmeg
Slartibartfast Fruity Sweet Orange yes Vixsin Ready to be picked up

Additional Information for each Festival here.


test with honey and camel milk
To please Bastet, you must decorate yourself with dyed silk ribbons of (color) and (color). You must surround an altar with 21 bottles of milk. Inside this circle of worship you must sacrifice ambrosia of (citrus/citrus) honey and milk.

Ribbons of (color and color)

  • current assumption: Any paint lab color
  • Festivals premade ribbon stock, click here
  • Favorite Bastet colors (Have been requested more than once)
    • Pale Golden Rod, Ruby Red, Lime Green, Khaki, Fuchsia, Dim Grey, Boysenberry

Ambrosia of (citrus/citrus) honey and milk

  • current assumption: ambrosia requires aromatic honey derived from any two of the following fruits:
    • Citron, Coralfruit, Corian, Grapefruit, Lemon, Lenat, Lime, Mandarin, Orange, Pummelo, Summerbell, Tangelo, Tangerine.
    • Fruits new to T8 have not yet been seen in Bastet requirements.


test with male (pillar) and female rabbits
To worship Hathor, eat a feast of (three stats). Surround the altar with 3 Sheep, 3 Rabbits, 3 Chickens (drop each animal separately, not in piles). Within this circle, sacrifice ambrosia of Very Potent (flavor) beer and cobra's blood.

Ambrosia of Very Potent (flavor) beer and cobra's blood

  • current assumption: flavors derived from malt
  • Banana, Barley, Cherry, Cinnamon, Honey, Nutmeg, Orange.
  • Not yet reported as a requirement: Date

Players are welcome to use any VP beer for their ambrosia. Cheap recipes and convenient locations (for me) are listed here: Hathor_Recipes


test with honey and oil
To please Isis, wear a perfume made of (adjective citrus), then create a place of worship by surrounding an altar with seven (gem) Glass Torch. Within this circle, sacrifice ambrosia of (citrus-citrus) honey and oil.

Perfume made of (adjective citrus):

  • current assumptions:
    • adjectives limited to Reddish, Greenish, Sweet, Tangy
    • T8 citrus have not yet been seen as Isis requirements

(Gem) Glass Torch:

  • current assumption: no new gems for T8: Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire

Ambrosia of (citrus-citrus) honey and oil

  • current assumption: all citrus combinations, Citrus new to T8 is not included


test with linen and canvas
To please Maat, surround an altar with 21 flaming ritual torches. At this altar, sacrifice an ambrosia made from honey and the petals of a Rose of Ra (part: color).
Ambrosia of honey and the Petals of a Rose of Ra (part: color)

  • current assumption: All flower parts and colors listed here: Rose Attributes
  • Inner Petals: Blue, Green, Magenta, Red
  • Outer Petals: Green, Magenta, Red, Yellow
  • Stamen: Cyan, Red
  • Leaves: Blue, Cyan, Red, Magenta
  • Giant x2, any giant
  • Dwarf x2


test with flax and barley (raw)
To worship Osiris, create a place of worship by surrounding an altar with growing flax, barley, onions, leeks, carrots, and garlic. Within this circle, sacrifice ambrosia of [adjective adjective flavor] beer and oil.
Ambrosia of (adjectives and flavor) beer and oil

  • current assumption: Any malt-based beer, two specific adjectives
    • Banana: Fruity Black, Fruity Dry, Spicy Sweet, Very Potent Dry
    • Barley: Fruity Dry, Potent Brown, Potent Sweet, Spicy Sweet, Spicy Black
    • Cherry: Potent Brown, Very Potent Brown
    • Cinnamon: Fruity Black, Fruity Brown, Fruity Sweet, Potent Dry, Spicy Dry, Very Potent Black
    • Date: (not seen yet)
    • Honey: Fruity Dry, Fruity Sweet,Spicy, Very Potent Brown
    • Nutmeg: Fruity Brown, Spicy Dry, Very Potent Brown, Fruity Dry, Potent Black
    • Orange: Potent Sweet, Very Potent Brown


test with medium quartz and medium topaz
To please Ra, build a spirit brasier and fill it with (Adjective) Spirits of (Noun). Surround the brasier with seven bonfires of 7000 wood each. Ignite the bonfires and the brasier, then use the brasier to sacrifice ambrosia of dates and (flavor) wine. The wine must be at least two vintages old and must contain 10% alcohol.
(adjective) Spirits of (noun)

  • (adjective): (noun)
  • Fruit: Earth
  • Grain: Earth, Fire, Water, Air
  • Mineral: Earth, Water, Air, Fire
  • Wood: Fire (assumed to be included: Air, Earth, Water)

Ambrosia of dates and (flavor) wine

  • note: wine flavors have changed this tale
  • Butterscotch, Cassis, Cedar, Cherry, Licorice, Linalool, Methyl Anthranilate, Melon, Molasses, Peach, Rasin, Raspberry


test with papyrus paper and candle
To please Thoth, surround an altar with 21 scampering beetles. Make sure the beetles don't wander too far. At this altar, sacrifice an ambrosia made of ink and (flavor) wine. The wine must be at least two vintages old and must contain 12% alcohol.
note: wine flavors have changed this tale
Ambrosia of ink and (flavor) wine

  • Banana, Butterscotch, Cassis, Cedar, Cherry, Licorice, Linalool, Melon, Methyl Anthranilate, Molasses, Peach, Raisin, Raspberry, Strawberry Jam

Beers which need recipes

The actual list (click here) is much longer, but so far, we do not know of brewing locations for combinations that include:

Spicy Banana, Spicy Cherry, Spicy Date, Spicy Orange, Potent Orange

Many Spicy beers require at least two yeasts to be producing flavors. They are very specialized locations, and we are still hunting for them, this tale. Some beers are just impossible to produce due to the composition of yeast qualities.

Ambrosia Stock for Ra and Thoth

List of donated wines, organized by bottle

List of donated wines, organized by flavor

Table format: Flavor. Number of Thoth ambrosia, Number of unique wines. Number of Ra Ambrosia, Number of unique wines.

Wine flavor Thoth Ra
Banana 21/3 22/3
Butterscotch 28/4 25/4
Cassis 19/3 16/3
Cedar 20/4 20/4
Cherry 16/3 16/3
Licorice 29/3 28/3
Linalool 23/4 21/4
Melon 16/3 15/2
Methyl Anthranilate 18/2 18/2
Molasses 22/4 22/4
Peach 17/2 18/2
Raisin 15/2 15/2
Raspberry 24/3 21/3
Strawberry Jam 19/3 19/3


Calendar Announcements

Ra Guidelines

Wiki Set-up

Green tick.png Bastet
Green tick.png Hathor
Green tick.png Isis
Green tick.png Maat
Green tick.png Osiris
Green tick.png Ra
Green tick.png Thoth


  • General Donation WH: 1035, 2361
  • Common Altar: 1040, 2372
  • Guild Hall: 1050, 2354
  • Testing mats chest: 1056, 2368
  • Bastet chest: 1061, 2368
  • Hathor chest: 1060, 2368
  • Isis chest: 1058, 2368
  • Maat chest: 1061, 2363
  • Osiris chest: 1060, 2363
  • Ra chest: 1058, 2363
  • Thoth chest: 1056, 2363