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Welcome to MM&C

The guild hall is located at 913, 6850 in Meshwesh Delta.

We will be keeping tabs on cooking and cooking related matters and listing helpful recipes.

Our primary focus is creating mp's (masterpieces) and getting everyone who needs it to gastro 7 and gastro 49.

I will leave the snapshots below of the early testing but because of size limitations will not update them.

This link will provide all up to date testing: Up to date Pairs, Recipes and MP's

This link is for a handy stat calculator: Stat Calculator

The T8 Cooking Grid: Cooking Grid

Eat sink food before enjoying any meal!

Potency of all cooking items is increasing constantly. Eating sink food continues the positive growth of stats and duration throughout the Tale.

Not eating sink food forces the ingredients in that meal to decrease in potency causing a decrease in stats and duration.

If you visit someplace that has multiple kitchens set up with mp's and you are going to eat multiple meals, you only have to eat the sink food once before you start.

If there is a delay of more than a couple of minutes between any of those meals, you would then need to eat an additional sink food serving.

The designated pair for sink food is camel meat and honey. You can use any amount of either item as long as you have at least one more of one of them: 6 cm 1 hon, 44 hon 40 cm, 139 hon 1 cm, 85 cm 83 hon.

Do not substitute anything else for camel meat and honey.


The recipes can be used as they were originally created. The ratio column shows either 2:1, 4:3 or some other ratio. You can change this ratio to suit your needs. Generally this will only affect the duration of the given recipe, although it is possible that stats may change slightly. Typically, you might want a 6:1 ratio to save on herb use, however, herbs are also used as a base so it's your decision. You also may want a larger number of servings such as 13:1 or 20:1. You do not have to use a 6:5 or 20:15 unless duration is extremely important to you. Understand, that there will not be a huge duration increase when doing that.

Signs are not included - black represents positive stats and red is for negative stats.

Notice that some recipes include multiple additives for some bases. This is done to increase a particular positive stat or decrease a negative stat. It is also used frequently to not provide any stat change, but to move to another serving tier. 2:1 recipes use a total of 12 ingredients for one serving at Cooking 4. Adding 2 additives gives us 2 servings instead of one. After more pair interactions are uncovered, there is also another little used method of creating a single serving with minimum herb usage. That is with 2 of one item as base and 5 different single additives paired with it. It can be tricky but very doable.


Masterpiece Attempts


Pairs are usually tested at 4:3 because to fully determine the stats and interaction of the pair, each item has to be used as the base and as the additive. 4:3 also provides the greatest possibility of creating an mp for a single pair. Whether a pair or other meal is going to be an mp is avatar and interaction dependent and requires a minimum duration to succeed. So far mp's have been created with as little as 35 minutes duration, but generally you want to see 45–50 minutes or greater. A single pair may result in 2 mp's, with each item as base. Only one way may end up being an mp or even if the pairing has fantastic duration, it may fail the mp test. When you create an mp, whether a single pair or a meal of multiple pairs, that pair/meal can become an mp again in the future. It's the same with a failed attempt. It is not likely to successfully give an mp in the next week, but it certainly can in a month or more from the first attempt.


Cooking 2


Finding that base recipe and building MP's from it - The first line shows the cooking 3 recipe that resulted in an MP - Adding one pair to that base recipe has the potential of a new MP