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Game Guides

New Player Guides

Dear Ariella New Player Guide


Barrel making guide (see Barrel Vise)
Cheese making guide
Vineyards and Wine Guides by Ariella and Pascalito


Fishing Guide

Cooking and Beverages

Faction Specific

Tribute Post

Gem Cutting


  1. These guides are in the T7 wiki and should be brought forward to T8. There are many gem cuts that have no specific test attached or the test was abandoned but the method of cutting those gems is still useful. Even abandoned or vanity cuts could be used in the future.
  2. There are "new" cuts that are not listed in the T7 catalogs but will display on the Gem Catalog List on the Gem Cutting Table. These may not have cut instructions in the old catalogs.


Ariella's Mutagen Recipes Guide
Crossbreeding and Hints
Crossbreeding Simulation Tools
Flower Fertilization Chart
Flower Genome Theories
Flower Gene Ranges
Genetics for Dummies
Mutagen Recipes
Nut's Essence
Flax Genome Theory
Orchid Chart
Rose Chart
Sand Bloom Chart
Sea Lily Chart


Glass Making Guide
Glassblowing Guide

Ore and Metal Working

Ariella's Prospecting and Mining Camp Guide
Blacksmithing Guide
Dowsing for Ore Veins
Mining for Ore
Sand Mining for Gems
Metal Treatment

Test Helpers

Ariella's Darkest Night Guide


Wood Treatment Guide


Prepay Camp Decoration Rules

List of System Commands and Hot Keys T8N.png

YouTube Video: How to Set Nvidia Graphic as PC Default Graphic in Windows 10/8.1/7

Practical Chemist

Alchemy Guide

Desert-Nomad Store

Cat Sales Guide