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NOTE: This article is about the skill. See Cooking for Dummies to learn to cook. See the Cooking Guide for strategies on creating Cooking Recipes.


Cooking is a multi-level skill learned at the School of Worship.


Level 1

Available at Level 2

Level 2

Available at Level 5

Here's what you're looking for:

Common Rosemary
Common Sage
Harvest the Stem Pith (t8) Crush the Stems (t8) Crush the Stems (t8)

Level 3

Available at Level 7

Level 4

Available at Level 11

Level 5 TBC

Available at Level 16

Crimson Lettuce
Crumpled Leaf Basil
Dwarf Wild Lettuce
Peel Back the Stem Base (t8) Pluck the Leaves (t8) Crush the Stems (t8) Cut Away the Outer Stem (t8)
Royal Rosemary
Wild Garlic
Squeeze out the Sap (t8) Cut Away the Outer Stem (t8) Crush the Stems (t8)

Level 6

Available at Level 22

Level 7

Available at Level 29 (Tuition TBC)


Allows the construction of a Kitchen where, among other uses, you can make food to increase your base stats. You can eat from a Kitchen without having learned the Cooking skill, but the cooking skill is required to mix any recipes.

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