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Calendar Information

Begins Saturday
Ends Sunday per Calendar, but technically it ends when the last monument is uncovered.

Resolved: Dig and Survey now working

Sunday 7/15/2018 @8:15 AM PST there was a bork in the event when it closed on the calendar
  • The option to SURVEY (finding an uncovered monument) disappeared.
  • The ability to DIG also borked when the event closed on the calendar
The intention was the event would continue after the calendar time expired.
Dev Calls are in progress.

Event Story

Interest in the past accomplishments of the now mummified Pharaohs and heroes of old was piqued as High Elder Dudimos in Hyksos pored over texts he had been given by his Royal Archeologists. There were drawings of great Monuments included within the papyrus pages. Little by little more scrolls were brought to the King's Palace near Avaris. The past is key to the present. It is unwise not to take into account the achievements of those long dead who stood out in their pursuits of knowledge.

As in the current time, who is this mysterious personage going by the simple name of The Stranger? The High Elder was finding more references to him, connected to the Tests just as was happening now at the University of Progress. Was this some demi-god with a miraculously long life? Was it a secret tradition passed down from father to son, generation after generation? It was disconcerting to have this individual flinging out insults, taunts and dares and no way to track him down and confront him. Maybe he should hire more trackers...

Dudimos looked at his notes very carefully. Yes, it looked like he had a complete list of where the old Monuments had been built. But over time they would be covered by sand. The locations were difficult to pin down since they were described by local landmarks which had changed through the generations. He would bring this list to King Tutimaos for a decree to be given that all citizens were to start searching for these great statues and buildings called Monuments. Rewards would be offered as incentives.

In fact, the other two factions had shown as great an interest in this project as the Hyksos'. Viceroy Kashti was quite learned about architecture. Kashti was so keen on finding the statues that he had volunteered his own archeologists to work in conjunction with the Hyksos'. The Meshwesh King Osorkon had shown a milder but growing interest and sent shovels and meat products to the workers. The beauty that it would add to the Egyptian landscape to unearth these Monuments would be stunning!

Event Directions and Description

  • Have an Archaeologist's Shovel in your inventory. The Endurance timer is affected by the quality of the Archeologist Shovel. (9.5k almost always x6, 8k x5 & x6, 7k x4 & x5, 4k x3 the normal speed of digging). High End food is suggested or at least Grilled Onions for a +2 End boost.
  • A quality 4020 Archeologist's Shovel can be made by loading 8 metal on the anvil and immediately completing it or try to make a higher quality shovel.
  • Once the event begins, click yourself/Special/Archeologist and pin the Survey Area menu. The result of the survey will be in Main chat. There is a slight Endurance timer on surveying. It surveys ~5 coord radius.
  • When the message in Main says "You uncover a piece of the Ancient Monument of Whatever at #x the normal speed!", a shadow appears with a small piece of the monument sticking out of the ground. Call your fellow Egyptians to come help dig It out.
  • To help dig you click the little piece to get the "This is an Ancient Monument of Whatever" window to pin (if you cannot find the little piece of monument in the center of the shadow then click Survey Area until you can). You then click on "Gently dig around the Ancient Monument of Whatever". There is an Endurance timer.
  • The monument slowly rises out of the ground, the more digging, the quicker it is completely dug up.
  • The monument is completely dug up when you hear the music and have the ability to read the challenge.


Participation Prizes:

  • 250 Gravel
  • 1 Token of Ra for 3 Participants by Lottery

Prizes for Most Cumulative Work Done: Handed out at end of event when last monument has been dug up.

  • Top 1 - Unblessed Pyramidion
  • Top 20 - 50 Silk Cloth
  • Top 50 - 100 Potash

Prizes for Working on the Most Monuments: Handed out at end of event

  • Top 1 - Elixir of Travel (Diamond)
  • Top 20 - 50 Glass Jars
  • Top 50 - 20 Sheet Glass

Prizes per individual Monument:

  • Top 1 most work done - Portable Cornerstone
  • Top 20 most work done - 18 fruit (see list below for type), handed out at end of event
  • First Shovelful: Portable Cornerstone, handed out immediately
  • Last Shovelful: Queen Ant, handed out immediately

Previous Tales Monument Locations

In T4 the people of Egypt elected to have 7 new skills and technologies researched and implemented by the next generation's scientists with the warning that all monuments would be considered false and give no new tests in the next generation. Wahim and Sami were two sons of the deceased Pharaoh who put forth a vote for their ascension to the throne with those two contingencies.

Discipline Telling Original Monument At Buried Location Prize Fruit Found By Finished
Architecture Tale 1 http://www.atitd.org/wiki/tale1/Monument_Of_Architecture (-1899, -2020) (-1339, -1834) Flat Etrog Sandman yes
Art and Music Tale 1 http://www.atitd.org/wiki/tale1/Monument_Of_Art_And_Music (929, 4959) (930, 4856) Greenish Rangpur Isabo yes
Conflict Tale 1 http://www.atitd.org/wiki/tale1/Monument_Of_Conflict (870, -1990) (824, -1623) Tangy Grapefruit merek yes
Human Body Tale 1 http://www.atitd.org/wiki/tale1/Monument_Of_The_Human_Body (-449, 1958) (-970, 2150) Tangy Tangerine Eugenius Yes
Leadership Tale 1 http://www.atitd.org/wiki/tale1/Monument_Of_Leadership (-42, 132) Thebes: (178, -17) Small Kinnow Qwu yes
Thought Tale 1 http://www.atitd.org/wiki/tale1/Monument_Of_Thought (1550, -583) (1383, -247) Swenett Large Coralfruit Qwu yes
Worship Tale 1 http://www.atitd.org/wiki/tale1/Monument_Of_Worship (969, 5320) (884, 5483) Herakleopolis Greenish Ranpur Archis yes
Worship Tale 1 (Kemet) http://www.atitd.org/wiki/tale5/TimesPast (1393, 5777) (1509, 5651) Small Yuzu anefeli Yes
Architecture Tale 2 http://www.atitd.org/wiki/tale2/Monument_Of_Architecture (3065, -4045) 2650, -4343 Tangy Coralfruit Iratia Yes
Human Body Tale 2 http://www.atitd.org/wiki/tale2/Monument_Of_Body (1346, 715) (1632, 648) Red Sea Long Coralfruit Qwu yes
Leadership Tale 2 http://www.atitd.org/wiki/tale2/Monument_Of_Leadership (2600, 1970) (2485, 1925) Long Coralfruit Ashen yes
Worship Tale 2 http://www.atitd.org/wiki/tale2/Monument_Of_Worship (2380, 3210) (2340, 3027) Naqada Reddish Kumquat TheMazeEcho yes
Architecture Tale 3 http://www.atitd.org/wiki/tale3/Monuments/Architecture (2700, -20) (3248, 438) Greenish Lime Sandman Yes
Art and Music Tale 3 http://www.atitd.org/wiki/tale3/Monuments/Art (3340, 8020) West Sinai: 2930, 7802 Long Amanatsu Somebob Yes
Harmony Tale 3 http://www.atitd.org/wiki/tale3/Monuments/Harmony (549, -3878) 870, -3916 Tangy Etrog Iratia Yes
Human Body Tale 3 http://www.atitd.org/wiki/tale3/Monuments/Body (2943, 4725) South Sinai: (3069, 4911) Tangy Lenat Myn yes
Leadership Tale 3 http://www.atitd.org/wiki/tale3/Monuments/Leadership (-891, -663) Buhen: (-757, -647) Large Shangjuan atom yes
Thought Tale 3 http://www.atitd.org/wiki/tale3/Monuments/Thought (-1570, 3030) Dakhla Oasis -1394, 2850 Large Etrog Coro yes
Worship Tale 3 http://www.atitd.org/wiki/tale3/Monuments/Worship (1053, 6785) Meshwesh Delta 781, 6824 Small Orange armonnakht yes
Architecture Tale 5 http://www.atitd.org/wiki/tale5/Monument_of_Architecture (1793, 2565) (2116, 2261) Reddish Kumquat Qwu yes
Harmony Tale 5 http://www.atitd.org/wiki/tale5/Monument_of_Harmony (1100, -5300) 1033, -5777 Blue Nile Sweet Calamondin Fryoj Yes
Human Body Tale 5 http://www.atitd.org/wiki/tale5/Monument_of_the_Human_Body (958, -6407) Blue Nile: (705, -6862) Sweet Calamondin Fryoj Yes
Worship Tale 5 http://www.atitd.org/wiki/tale5/Monument_of_Worship (744, 5955) 827, 6403 Flat Oroblanco Archis Yes
Architecture Tale 6 http://www.atitd.org/wiki/tale6/Monument_of_Architecture (-500, 3350) (-937, 3567) Small Mandarin ??? Yes
Art and Music Tale 6 http://www.atitd.org/wiki/tale6/Monument_of_Art_and_Music (-2657, -6357) Meroe Desert -2710,-6635 Large Coralfruit Idris yes
Harmony Tale 6 http://www.atitd.org/wiki/tale6/Monument_of_Harmony (4357, 8127) (4097, 7774) East Sinai Small Orange Lukeera Yes
Human Body Tale 6 http://www.atitd.org/wiki/tale6/Monument_of_the_Human_Body (1240, -1113) (843, -1380) Swenett Large Coralfruit Qwu Yes
Leadership Tale 6 http://www.atitd.org/wiki/tale6/Monument_of_Leadership (1228, 2548) (1418, 2244) Large Lenat ??? yes
Thought Tale 6 http://www.atitd.org/wiki/tale6/Monument_of_Thought (1835, 2931) Abydos (1615, 2846) Small Kinnow Hekhemmut yes
Worship Tale 6 http://www.atitd.org/wiki/tale6/Monument_of_Worship (1545, 3507) Hermopolis (1367, 3977) Large Summerbell Neena Yes
Architecture Tale 7 http://www.atitd.org/wiki/tale7/Monument_of_Architecture (3700, 7340) (4105, 6958) Small Orange Lukeera yes
Harmony Tale 7 http://www.atitd.org/wiki/tale7/Monument_of_Harmony (1380, -970) Swenett: (947, -1073) Large Coralfruit Qwu Yes
Human Body Tale 7 http://www.atitd.org/wiki/tale7/Monument_of_the_Human_Body (1381, 5658) (1437, 5916) Small Yuzu Ashen Yes
Leadership Tale 7 http://www.atitd.org/wiki/tale7/Monument_of_Leadership (1391, 5629) Giza (1017, 5723) Flat Oroblanco Archis Yes
Worship Tale 7 http://www.atitd.org/wiki/tale7/Monument_of_Worship (1340, 2940) Abydos (1105, 2788) Small Kinnow Amonnakht Yes

Monument Locations

  • Gray markers: previous monument locations
  • White squares: 700-coord search areas
  • Yellow markers: discovered monuments
  • Green markers: raised monuments

Fryoj confirmed with Pascalito that "700 coord radius" really does mean a circular search area around each old monument location. Unfortunately the wiki's "circ" drawing tool seems to interpret "circ x,y radius" to mean "put a circle at (x,x) with radius r"; i.e., it seems to ignore the y coordinate you specify. Until that's fixed, just imagine a circle inscribed inside each of the squares below.

Edit Maps/Monuments and Maps/Monument Search Areas if you'd like to update the underlying data.

This map uses the CondMap template, if this map imports data from other maps please edit those. Please see Maps for further details and links to all raw data pages