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Guild:READ - The Wiki Guild

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READ - The Wiki Guild was founded for the purpose of performing Research, Experimentation, Analysis, and Documentation on behalf of all Egyptians with the aim to make said Documentation freely available to all. In more practical terms, our goal is simply to continually improve the content and usability of the ATITD Wiki. Our Guild Hall is located in Upper Egypt (829, -1833), just North of the Koptos Chariot Stop.



We welcome anyone with a passion for helping others and seeking answers to the mysteries of Egypt, both wondrous and mundane. No "tuition" is required to join READ, however, donations of Bricks and Boards are greatly appreciated at our Guild Hall in order to help us continue expanding our ranks. In lieu of tuition, we simply ask that you create a User Page on the Wiki with some basic information about yourself and your desire to join us in our ambitious endeavor. This will ensure that, at a minimum, you know how to log in to the Wiki and edit a basic article prior to joining us, however, don't hesitate to ask us for help if this gives you trouble. Basic Internet searches should give you more than enough guidance as well if you feel shy about reaching out. No special formatting or templates are required on your User Page, as the substance of your contributions will always be more important than their appearance. Other members will happily go over your work later for any necessary cleanup after the fact, if needed.

User Page Content Requirements

A few basics should be included when creating your Wiki User Page which will count as your "tuition", as noted above.

  1. You should introduce yourself, not just to us, but to Egypt as a whole. Describe things giving us a general idea of your experiences in Egypt such as how long you've been playing, what sorts of things you like to do, what you're currently working on, etc.
  2. Please help us understand what you'd like to contribute to the Wiki and the Guild by telling us what sorts of things you'd like to help with or work on in regards to improving the Wiki.
  3. Please complete a very brief, one question survey about how you, yourself, currently use the Wiki (see below).
  4. (Optional) If not otherwise covered by #2, give us an idea of things you'd like to see improved on the Wiki, regardless of whether or not you feel like you're able to help with those improvements yourself, or simply let us know if there's anything you especially like or dislike about the Wiki as it exists currently.

User Page Survey

Feel free to simply copy/paste this simple, one question survey into your user page.

  1. In what ways do you feel you primarily use (or would like to use) the Wiki in regards to your adventures across Egypt? (Select all that apply)
    1. I use the Wiki as a reference to check things like the costs of Skill tuitions, crafting costs, or Test requirements.
    2. I use the Wiki as a way to learn the basics of how to play the game, various game mechanics, or figuring out aspects of life in Egypt.
    3. I use the Wiki to read the well-written Guides covering specific game mechanics such as mining, blacksmithing, or cooking.
    4. I use the Wiki for the Atlas and map functions so I can find my way to various points of interest around Egypt.
    5. I use the Wiki to help me know what needs to be done to pass Tests and Principles.
    6. I use the Wiki to add information to my user page or other sandbox areas so that I can keep notes for my own personal use on various projects.
    7. I use the Wiki to reference or coordinate guild projects, experimentation data such as genetics/crossbreeding, ecological testing, animal/mushroom tracking, or other information that is data-oriented, experimental, or theoretical in nature.
    8. I use the Wiki to track the progress of in-game Research and Faction progress.
    9. I use the Wiki for reasons other than those listed above. (Please elaborate)


READ is a tuition-free Guild which means we rely on the donations of our members, as well as non-member Egyptians. Bricks and Boards will always be welcome at our Guild Hall which will help enable us to continue expanding our ranks. If you appreciate the work we do or you find yourself using the Wiki regularly, please consider donating to our cause, even if you don't feel you can be of help in editing the Wiki yourself. READ will always be tuition-free because we are a group dedicated to Research, Experimentation, Analysis, and Documentation for the benefit of all of Egypt, and any barriers to entry would only inhibit this goal.