Hunt for Herbs Again!

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Rules and Information for Princess Alara's Foraging Mini-Contests

  • There will be several mini-contests happening one after the other with prizes handed out for each.
  • Please wait until the entire herbal request and rules for each mini-contest are given and I say GO! to begin searching and posting.
  • When you find a potential winning herb, you must not pick it! Stay beside the herb, post the herb name and your coords to the Events channel!
  • I will post the first 20 entries and then say STOP! The posts after the first 20 will be deleted. <<OOC: There is a thing called a callboard that queues up the posts in order received. If it becomes too clogged, then posts start vanishing. So this new posting of the first 20 will prevent that from happening. Deleting the rest of the posts will also help. >>
  • There will be 10 winners of each mini-contest.
  • I will ask one of the volunteer Citizens to speedily come to you and verify the herb. They will post that you are indeed a winner and what prize you are receiving. Good luck to all and my wish is for you to have fun and gain knowledge!
  • Please have this website up to refer to as part of the contest herb list may be dependent on filling in a field on this page to narrow down your qualifying herbs.


Saturday, June 24, 2018

Find a Freshly Eaten Herb with Positive Dex
Prizes were 9k+: Hookah Bowl + HookahUpgradeCertificate2

Find an Herb with the Name of a Body Part
Prizes were a set of Crimson lily, Otter’s Sunrise sand bloom, Hidden in the Darkness Orchid, Sapphire Lightbox