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Tale 8 has new mushrooms "to be discovered" Any info added here must be from your own findings in Tale 8. There are supposed to be 14 new mushrooms this Tale. Please add them as you find them.

- note from Manon: I have cleaned up the table below, and added in the edits people have made in the past few days. These should be correct for Tale 8! I have also added the information from the other mushrooms page.

What the Developers Say

  • [they] will spawn at the same time every day, not changing constantly... I don't want to make it TOO hard

Mushroom Tracker

Want the latest data? Look and update this! <-- Alternative URL

Mushroom Varieties

Times below are in 24hr format (2:00 PM is 14:00)

Mushroom Terrain T8 Spawn T8 Despawn Sightings Pic
Acorn's Cap Mushroom flat, grass 02:00am 03:30am 903, -1765 small group of 5 - spawns near the sea in many places, easy to find Acorncap.png
Badger Badger sand, hillsides, grass 02:00am 04:36am new to T8, area>200, on grass by water, rock, dirt, sand BadgerBadger.png
Barley Bowl grass, rock 01:00am 03:36am Huge (>200) on grass and up to 50 coords into the desert around) Barley Bowl.png
Beehive Mushroom ? 03.00am 04.36am Always spawns around 100, 400 Beehive.png
Bleeding Hand Mushroom grass, sand, hillsides 22:12 23.31 1075,2456 BleedingHand.png
Brain Mushroom grass rock 9pm 11:35pm ? Brain.png
Camel's Mane Mushroom sand hillsides 9:00am 10:30 3358, -1805 CamelMane.png
Campanella sand hillsides / Desert (flat, gentle hills) Also, grass, flat, gentle hills <8:15 10:36 1490, 1350 / Several small groups near each other Campanella.png
Carrion Mushroom Top and bottom of rocky cliffs 14:02 15:30 1121, 1590 - often spawns in the hills west of Avaris Carrion.png
Cat Nip Mushroom ? 11.00am 13.36pm ? CatNip.png
Cobra Hood Mushroom sand, grass near rock cliffs <20:05 21:31 3192, 403 CobraHood.png
Colt's Foot Mushroom Flat Grass, Sand Hills, close to mountain before 5:33 ? 910, 1830 Colt'sFoot.png
Crows Beak grass, hills ? 9:35 PM 1112, -1734 mixed in with Fruit of Horus Crowsbeak.png
Dead Tongue Mushroom flat grass near nile (doesn't seem to be accurate, found on hilly sand / rock near Red Sea) 12:00 13:31 879, 1059 - 5 shrooms / 554, 545 found 1 - always spawns along the Nile north of Koptos on both sides DeadTongue.png
Dueling Serpents Mushroom Sand <2:18 (2:45 PM) >3:27PM 2618, 1770. in pairs DuelingSerpents.png
Dung Rot Mushroom sand at base of sandy hill 9:00am 10:36am sand base of low sand hill at zFree DungRot.png
Earth Light Mushroom Rocky Hill 2:55 pm ? 6 or 7 @ 1999, 1601 EarthLight.png
Eye of Osiris Mushroom grass bottom of grassy cliff <05:19am >6:20am 1 322, -7407 Eye of Osiris.png
Falcon's Bait Mushroom Grass, flat, near hills before 4:00 5:31 Often spanws in East Kush, also spawns NE of Koptos, near the Nile Falcons Bait.png
Fish Hook Mushroom Grass before 4:28 5:30 Found in large grass plains in south Egypt FishHook.png
Flat Grass, Sand flat 08:00 10:36 large group +400 Flat.png
Fruit of Horus Mushroom Rocky hill before 19:05 22:20 group of 100 FruitOfHorus.png
Golden Sun Mushroom sand/cliffs <00:15 >01:28 3 GoldenSun.png
Hairy Tooth Mushroom Grass (flat, near road, near nile) 21:00 22:30 In multiple groups of two, sometimes huge. HairyTooth.png
Heart of Ash Mushroom grass (flat) <21:32 ? ? HeartOfAsh.png
Heaven's Torrent Mushroom rocky island 20:15 21:36 2026, 5644 Arsinoe, group of 8 and only 4 was reachable HeavensTorrent.png
Iron Knot Mushroom hills dirt/stone/sand 09:00 10:30 2885, 269 - spawns on top of Tanis CS IronKnot.png
Limphonus Mushroom Near road, Grass, Sand 15:00 ? group of 5 Regular spawn at Zfree Camp Limphonus.png
Marasmius Rock, High Mountains 7:20 PM, 8:48pm 21:36 ? Marasmius.jpg
Morel Mushroom sand (hills?) right around 22:00 after 00:05 groups of 2-5, sighted 3x at (1192,1113) on 08/09/2018 Morel.png
Moses Basket Mushrooom flat sand, sand hills, grass, Open desert, sand hills and grass before 16:02 18:36 -2454, -520 / Massive 300+ spawn spreading Buhen and Kerma (-2261, -725), only 10 in Timna—then large spawn nearby MosesBasket.PNG
Nature's Jug Mushroom flat grass <7:25 8:35 ? NaturesJug.png
Nefertari's Crown Mushroom rock 1:30 PM 2:46 PM 3 NefertarisCrown.png
Nile Fire Mushroom grass, sand (near water) 1:00 AM 2:30 AM 100+ spawn all around large pond at Baharlya Oasis -2372, 5501 year 1,ahket II-21 NileFire.png
Orange Campanella grass dirt (near water?) <22:25 11:22pm 5 found Cyrene -1293, 7786 Orange Campanella.png
Peasant's Foot Mushroom sea-level grass ? 7:30am cluster of 7 Peasant Foot.png
Pool of Tranquility Mushroom ? ? 9:00pm ? PoolOfTranquility.png
Ptah's Pimple Mushroom sand ~14:01 >15:58 1539m 2930, pairs Ptahspimple.jpg
Ra's Awakening Mushroom Deep sand ? ? Widely Scattered around 2895, -474 RasAwakening.png
Razor's Edge Mushroom ? <00:20 >01:18 ? RazorsEdge.png
Salt Water Fungus Islands and peninsulas by the sea 22:00 23:36 NE of Sharuhen, on islands between the land masses SaltWaterFungus.png
Sand Spore Mushroom Sand ? despawn 15:30 834,2387 SandSpore.png
Schizophyllum ? <9:00pm 11:36pm Likes the area around worked mines, possibly likes ore veins in general. Swarm spawner. Needs heavy pollution from furnaces, check the wiki page for details. Schizophyllum.png
Scorpion's Brood Mushroom ? ? 10:31pm ? ScorpionsBrood.png
Slave's Bread Mushroom sand ? despawn 9:30pm 2's at times more SlavesBread.png
Spiderling Mushroom Grass, rock ? Picking 9.30am, 955am ? Spiderling.jpg
Sun Star Mushroom flat sand <21:06 >22:06 found a pair SunStar.png
Toad Skin Mushroom Hills (grass, desert) 04:00 05:31 Always in the hills in East Kush, also in the hills NW of Koptos, large spawns ToadSkin.png
Twirls Mushroom Sand < 9:00am 11:36am 5 Twirls.png