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Making a World Builder Call

1) Make a World Builder call from Self -> Utility -> Call a Game Master... -> World Builder Call if you have made a prepaid full tale order.
2) Ask for a specific World Builder if you have a preference.
3) List all player names that have camp deco from a prepay that are eligible. Remember that a group of five gets an extra perk or two (see below).
4) Take a screen shot of your camp, make notes of desired trees, plants and where on the printout, chat your world builder in Discord and post your pic to them. Just remember that they have to decide what can and cannot be done. Or make a list of preferences and plant and path choices on a Word document, then cut and paste to your World Builder's chat.
5) The World Builder that starts the camp decoration is the one that will finish it.

World Builders: Arahgon, Ariella, Asheara, Balthazarr, Bellah, Lizbet, nikara, Orbit, Orchid, Pascalito, ReddRuby

  • A list of available additions to choose from is below, but please respect a World Builder's time limit of one hour maximum per player. Some of the additions below are more time consuming than others like placing oasis or making paths.
  • At the end of the camp deco, your World Builder will put a note in your Builder chat (in your Info) to say that the prepay camp deco is finished. A Deco Marker (invisible to players) will be placed at your camp. This marker is used to remove part or all of the deco during the beta of the next tale.
  • A World Builder can make a coord grid appear for themselves by having their F1 tool on, then Self -> Options -> Video -> Advanced Terrain set all the way to the left.

Camp area definition and max plants and tree wood

Camp area: approximately 1600 square coords (40 x 40 coord area) where your main compounds are located. (i.e. not at mines or limestone areas, etc.). In large guild areas, count individual camp areas as not overlapping.

Tree wood Max of 120 within viewing area standing in center of camp and max of 60 wood within camp area.

Plants, 20 Oasis maximum within camp area standing in center of camp. An Oasis is a World Building group of up to 12. Each Oasis has the chance to spawn an herb.

There can be 1 longer clay spot with small ponds at each end per viewing area standing in center of camp. If other small clay areas exist within the viewing area then 1 or more small patches will be removed to make the longer one.

What can be in Camp Deco per Player

  • Decorative plants. Depends on how many plants in your area some can be added or replaced with prettier ones.


1) Added if less than max above. 
2) Swapped with desired ones if at max or over.
3) Limit of 15 different types of plants (excludes trees).
1) Added if less than the max above. 
2) Swapped with desired ones if at max.
3) Limit of 12 different types within viewing area.
4) Existing trees moved to a different spot.
  • Paths made from rock, sand, dirt colors. No road paths that would speed movement.
  • Columns, large rocks, heavy rocks, benches, torches, banners (not red).
  • You may have 1 Voting Booth and 1 altar per viewing area: flaming altar or common altar.
  • 1 or 2 Fountains. NOTE that they can create lag for some players.
  • Land under a building flattened with Plateau. Game Master -> ReInit Graphic after ALL land under building is leveled.
  • Small pond (if elevation is 10' or less) or large water trimmed/shaped modestly.
  • Small buildings (not compounds with machines) can be nudged a bit.
  • Grass color can be adjusted to look more natural or dramatic.
  • If you already have something like clay or dirt, it can be moved or shaped better.
  • Up to 30 colored tiles. NOTE THAT YOU CANNOT BUILD WITHIN 2 COORDS of colored tiles and you may not call the World Builder back to move them. See pictures below for examples.

At the beginning of a tale, we allow a single player to have their animal pens and an empty compound moved to another locale. Ranches need to be empty to move them.

Groups of 5

  • One resource added: clay, reshaping larger water but keep the general size, silt. Depending on the scarcity of the resources, more than one may be allowed. Unfortunately, we cannot add limestone, tar, red sand or white sand.

Landscape Ideas

Alcove Colored Fountain.jpg
Avaris Beetle Garden.jpg
Banners and Flowers.jpg
Bordered Hill Planting 1.jpg
Circle Patterns and Tile Paths.jpg
Sheba Chariot Stop Blue.jpg