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What follows is a raw transcript of the event. For an edited version, please refer to: Swinery

Transcript of a demonstration of the Swinery, presented by Malard in Avaris on October 6th, 7PM BST.

Malard: so before i start

Malard: Meshwesh are yet to put this technology on timer

Narkho: slackers

Narkho: or PETA members

Malard: however, if they can get it on timer (or Hyksos and Kush) wish to donate the resources to put it on timer

Malard: i am willing to forgoe the timer

Malard: they are at

Malard: 744 / 940 Bacon

Lisimba: ^^

Malard: 319 / 470 Ham

Malard: 500 / 1175 of Metal

Malard: and 11268 / 28200 of the Treated Boards

Qwu: we have a chest me give to gnarph for meshis with all bacon and ham was left but he wasnt on since this time

Malard: if you want me to raid the chest, i am happy to do so

Malard: but your still way short on the other items

Lisimba: :)

Malard: if the other factions wish to help you, i am willing to show compassion

Malarquay: we will get boards done

Zhukuram: need a Kush Elder to decide on Kush donations

Malarquay: I will do boards

Qwu: if you can open the chest for us there is enough bacon and ham for them

Nobu: hi all

MissBarbara: I wonder why Meshwesh havent asked for help. Hyksos and Kush would probably help if we got asked to

Malard: it is your choice as a group

Zhukuram: 'cause maybe they cant talk to Kush? we be solo to the max

Nobu: thanks

Malard: you have until 9am tomorrow (my time) to put it on timer, and i will then accelerate it

Malard: that gives you 10 hours ;)

EdDaba: Our power players have been tied up this week; we've actually be chipping away at the requirements in the past few days.

EdDaba: been*

Malard: okay moving on

EdDaba: We'll have it sewn up soon

MissBarbara: The rest of us dont mind to help,- but it kinda require that you reach out and ask.

Malard: so, Ranching level 2

Malard: if you havent figure it out, is about farming pigs

Zhukuram: MissBarbara best read some Kush ByLaws

Styx: Whose mountain lion is this?

Malard: welcome a normal ranch

Malard: with Ranching 2

Malard: you can upgrade it to add Sty's

Lisimba: its bigger?

Zhukuram: zappage!

Malard: to do so, requires you have built at least a Trough

Zhukuram: gratz to the zapped

Narkho: lightning!

Narkho: grats

Tilana: Random. Grats :D

Lizzi: thanks :)

Narkho: lol

Malard: here be a Swinery

Narkho: well, gz too

Zhukuram: oh new floor?

haraelendil: nice !

Zhukuram: how to get the floor?

Lisimba: nice a place for all my spoiled food

Malard: i have made this building public

Malard: so you can see the UI

Malard: sorry i will brb

haraelendil: lol, what a cliffhanger

Malard: sorry about that

Nobu: uh oh, wheat

Sandman: it's a damned cat farm right now

Zhukuram: do we convert our cattle pens to pig pens?

EdDaba: ugh, wheat

Malard: no

Malard: well

Malard: you can convert a Cattle Ranch to a Swinery

Malard: if there are no Cattle in it

Malard: but not backwards

Malard: PIgs cannot go into Cattle Ranches

Malard: Cattle cannot go into Swineries

Sandman: what, no mud?

Narkho: this is the definitive size? It seems bigger than cattle ranches, no?

Zhukuram: sandman the floor is muddy dirt

Malard: its the same size

Malard: its just got the mud field attached to it

Tedra: lasso and stockwhip to get them in?

Narkho: ok

Malard: to simulate mud

Lisimba: well i love it

Zhukuram: Very Nice Malard!

Malard: Lasso yes

Malard: stockwhip is for cattle

Malard: you know how to make Pigs move i hope

Lisimba: wheat?

Malard: if you dont, when you learn Ranching level 2

Malard: you get told

Tedra: yeah, so need to find some closish to home

Malard: as long as a pig is nearby you can attach it to the ranch using the lasso

Malard: so lets move on

Malard: feeding

Malard: you will see there are 4 bars

Lisimba: pig whipper

Malard: water is used at a certain rate

Sandman: yeah, get to the part about greased pig wrasslin'

Malard: (btw i am not going to give numbers, this is for you to learn)

Malard: as long as pigs are watered they will never starve

EdDaba: #discovery

Malard: unlike cattle, Pigs can die

Malard: but

haraelendil: oh

Nobu: oh noes

Malard: if you keep them watered, they will stay alive

Malard: just be pissed off

Malard: if you feed them, then they will breed

Malard: okay, so lets talk about feeding

Malard: there are numerous Pig breeds, some may be found

Malard: some not, i am not sure

Malard: each Breed eats food in order

Malard: each breed, requires a % of each type of food stuff

Malard: so for example, between 10% and 90% of wheat

Malard: (i.e. ratio mixture)

Malard: spoiled food might be a different %

Malarquay: oh no, not wheat :(

Narkho: what do you mean 'each breed eats food in order'? they all eat 1)spoiled food, then wheat, then milk?

Malard: so for example, Windsnyer will accept between 10% and 90% for all three types

Narkho: or each breed is specific order?

Zhukuram: find a breed that hates week and loves spoiled milk

Nobu: and if they are fed wrong?

Zhukuram: * hates wheat

MissBarbara: Each breed have diff. food needs, I think

Malard: yeah for example, some breeds will enjoy a sour milk free diet

Malard: correct, each breed will expect a different mixture

Malard: so you might choose to house them in different Swineries

Malard: to make life easy

Sandman: hmm, so multiple pig pens

Malard: but it is possible to run a diverse pig mixture

Zhukuram: lol Lactose Intolerant Pigs lol FUN

Qwu: how much pig can one pen hold?

Sandman: as long as they ain't flatulent

Lisimba: how many swineries fit in the ranch

Malard: and if you want to breed rare breeds, you might need a diverse pig mixture *hint*

Sandman: we have enough pollution

Malard: 25 pigs fit into a swinery

Tedra: so if all three foods are in one pen, pigs are happy?

Malard: there is no pollution from a swinery

Malard: Tedra, again it depends on the ratio

Nobu: what happens if ratio is wrong?

MissBarbara: Thats for us to figure out

Lisimba: in this example there are two swineries? so 25 pigs ea?

Malard: so for example if you end up with a 70, 9, 21 ratio

Malard: no, this is one swinery

Malard: the model is just cosmetic

Lisimba: ok

Malard: and a breed requires a minimum of 10% wheat in their diet

Malard: then they will go hungry

Malard: because the ratio is only at 9%

Malard: btw, each food type when you add it

Malarquay: will thye tell you they ar hungry for ?

Nobu: so always water and always wheat, just to keep them...alive?

Malard: nope

Malard: just water to stay alive

Malard: you need a correct mixture of all 3 food types for the specific breed

Nobu: but pissed off and not breeding...ahh

Malard: to make it breed

Malard: and both the male and female must be fed

Malard: so for example, if you want to make X, which is a cross between Y and Z

Lisimba: is it avatar specific, or same for all?

Malard: then you need to manage the ratios of food to keep Y and Z fed

Narkho: 10k food capacity is overall 'including' water?

Malard: same for all

Malard: no, water is seperate

Zhukuram: so If you have PigA that eats wheat and PigB that hates wheat - how you gonna feed them to breed xbreds?

Narkho: ok

Malard: Zhukuram, they eat in sequence

Malard: so

Malard: in theory you can work out a ratio whereby the first breed eats food

Malard: changing the ratio

Malard: so the second breed now eats

Malard: thats why you might need a chain of breeds to convert one ratio into another

Narkho: hehe, tricky but nice

Malard: to get Y and Z successfully fed

Malard: i want to remind you that Pigs are hard

Malard: they are not a casual project

Nobu: it certainly sounds hard, lol

Malard: they are high maint

Allophyl: But that's only if you want to keep multiple breeds in one pen?

Zhukuram: hmmm so you cant just dump 5k wheat in the bin and hope only the wheal-loving pig eats first?

haraelendil: indeed

Malard: right

Allophyl: I guess that would be necessary for crossbreeding

Kissa: can you just breed same types in a pen?

Malard: so when you add food

Malard: it doesnt go in 1:1

Narkho: i hope you're sure of your genetic & breeding code ;)

Malard: so for example add 1 spoiled food

Malard: you will see it goes up 13 points

MissBarbara: I assume you can remove food from Swineries unlike Ranches?

Malard: each food type is a different prime number

Malard: just to mess with you math heads ;)

Malard: you cannot remove food

Malard: you can clean out the trough

Malard: which empties it back to zero

Malard: so dont go long one type of food

MissBarbara: So if I remove food it goes spoiled or wasted?

Sandman: so step one, guys , is to build multiple pens and work out each breed's food preference

Malard: you cannot remove food

Malard: you can clean it out

Zhukuram: Im I catching her you have to feed every day so to not get the wrong ratio?

Malard: right

MissBarbara: So wasted, ok

Lisimba: you lost me prime number :(

Malard: couple of other points

Malard: pigs get pissed off

Narkho: how many 'wild' breed is there and how many possible breed? (if you can tell those numbers)

Malard: all breeds can be found in the wild

Malard: some are extremely rare

Narkho: even the rarest ones that we can breed?

Narkho: ok

Nobu: thanks

Malard: yes, but breeding is naturally easier

Malard: well

Allophyl: So it's not possible to create an entirely new breed through crossbreeding?

Malard: more predictable

Malard: no, we were considering it, but i havent got onto what Pigs are for

Seti: ty

Zhukuram: can you trade pigs?

Malard: same way you trade cattle

Malard: okay, so i said about Pigs getting pissed

Malard: pissed off pigs

Narkho: any other byproduct than pig/ham/fat from swinery?

Malard: will try and break down the fence

Narkho: pig > bacon*

Nobu: ack

Malard: you can see the fence being damaged

Narkho: where?

Allophyl: Can they escape?

Zhukuram: escape or die? hmmm I would rather they escape

Zhukuram: and go root up someone elses spot

Nobu: you lose them either way, no ?

Malard: so pigs can die, if you intentionally starve them

Narkho: if they can break fence, they can probably escape

Malard: pigs will try and escape over starving

Zhukuram: how much damage are we to expect? complete refit?

Zonk: but only die from lack of water, correct?

Malard: so if you just keep adding water

Malard: but no food

Malard: they will start to damage the fence

Malard: here is the damage

Malard: on the fence

Nobu: and you can fix? they won't escape the first time of damage?

Zonk: can we repair it?

Kissa: how to fix fence?

Lisimba: i see the fence breaking down

Malard: when its in this state

Malard: its probably a good idea to repair it

Malard: the repair costs are not that expensive

Malard: this is damaged

Malard: they havent broken it

Nobu: and repair is already built in ?

Malard: if its like this

Malard: now its broken

Malard: so now they will escape

Malard: yeah you can repair in damaged or broken state

Malard: broken is more expensive to repair

Sandman sharpens his utility knife

Malard: few other things

Malard: pissed off pigs still want feeding

Malard: they will raid nearby storage chests for all sorts of Food products

Brucette: lol

Nobu: looks like we'll be just trading pig products, hmm

Donk79: :D

Narkho: LOL

Sandman: that's cute

EdDaba: oh boy... hahah

Lisimba: omg

Narkho: now that's epic :P

Styx: oh, super.. :P

Malard: this includes warehouses, chests etc

MissBarbara: What is "near by"?

Smurf: my herbs!

Kissa: so buildpen close to enemy and dont care for them?

Nobu: it's cute til they eat your octec crystals

Kissa: lol

Lisimba: keep pens way far away

Malard: @MissBarbara i suggest you try it ;)

OneBanana: nice touch there...lol

Zhukuram: so - camp wrecking as a by-product

MissBarbara: And do they only go for the owners storage? :D

Malard: Octec Crystals are not food stuff

Malard: if you can cook with it, its a food stuff

Malard: MissBarbara, Pigs dont care about ownership

Nobu: so, foodie stuff only? hmm

EdDaba: oh lord, here comes pig griefing

Nobu: that's good, i guess, keep herbs away

Narkho: will we have a warning or popup or any kind of info they raided 'this' chest and took 'this amount of food'?

Malard: btw, this can include aging racks

Malard: and anywhere you store food

Malard: Narkho, yes

Nobu: oh noes, cheese...what's the range of what they may eat ?

Malard: you will have to work that out

Lisimba: would Straw be considered food?

Malarquay: why would we bother with these pigs?

Malard: but they wont despawn until they are happy

Nobu: pfft

Malard: okay so you want Raeli?

Nobu: i'm gonna me slaughtering a lot of pigs

Malard: and you want Mushrooms?

Brucette: yes please

Malard: pigs can find wild mushrooms

Brucette: yes please

Lisimba: yes yes

MissBarbara: So building a swinery near an "enemy" and make angry pigs could cause them to go on whoever you dont like and "steal" from their storages... *scared* :D

Sandman: oh god, here it comes

Malard: when you take them out for a walk

Lisimba: on a leash?

Zhukuram: oh gah - massive new method of griefing - give your best enemy a pig farm with no ownership

Malard: the rarer the pig type

Nobu: ha! pig walking!

Malard: the rarer the mushrooms they will likely find

Allophyl: If someone else owns a pig ranch near your camp and they don't feed their pigs or repair the fence, can you (as a non-owner) repair the fence anyway?

Malard: Allophyl, no, but you can kill the pigs when they escape ;)

Sandman: does it still have to be in the regular mushroom spawn time?

Zhukuram: Scorp Brood Pig Hunters Inc

Smurf: guess its best to keep a warehouse of cheap food by the pen

Malard: @Sandman no

Nobu: yea, i see what you mean *thinks sheep pox*

Narkho: guess not by default, but could be made as a feature request

Sandman: nice

Malard: secondly, Oddly, pigs are pretty good at finding hidden veins of Soft Clay patches that are not visible from the ground

Nobu: oh noes

Lisimba: Raeli

Malard: as Scientists have been unable to devise suitable stable mechanisms for building on Clay

Nobu: and there goes us having raelis

Malard: these are needed to find suitable locations for building Raeli ovens

Allophyl: interesting

Malard: what this means is you can now find more varied patches for ovens

Malard: rarer pigs will find patches other pigs cannot find

Sandman: ah, so not necessarily on :clay:

Allophyl: and none of this raeli oven on every clay patch in egypt like in previous tales, I guess

Malard: correct, you still cannot build on clay

MissBarbara: I love this idea

Narkho: question about mushrooms > you said it was not time dependant, pigs will find shroom.... HOw will this work? somehow find a location with pigs & they'll spawn just for you?

Seti: ty

Malard: yeah, they will bring them to the ground

Narkho: ok

Narkho: nice :)

Zhukuram: can u do that with a wild pig?

Lisimba: how do you walk your pigs?

Malard: much like how truffles are found

Zonk: with wheat?

Malard: @Zhukuram no

Kissa: is a lasso needed for "pig walking" ?

Malard: @Lisimba, you will need to make them like you

Malard: so no just arbitarily killing your pigs

Marlie: how long without food before they start breaking down the fences?

Malard: then they will follow you like a cat

Lisimba: oh, well who doesnt like ME??

Malard: until they are pissed off because they are hungry

Nobu: lol

Narkho: you use wheat to attract it to your pen when it's wild

MissBarbara: Can you feed them "on the road"?

Malarquay: can we tie bows on them?

Malard: yes, and keep it happy when its on the road

Malard: no

Zhukuram: what happens if you are truffle hunting and log out in BFE? pig goes away?

Malard: fyi, Smurf has a unique pig that will always be happy

Sandman: this is a most interesting puzzle, Malard, thank you

Malard: thats the only unique thing about his pig

Kissa: can someone kill your pig while you are walking it?

Smurf: :) Miss Piggie and i have a "special" realationship

Nobu: pigs prospect for raelis

Malard: Kissa, no

Brucette: can you tell the pig what mushrooms to find?

Sandman: will raeli ovens still work the same...ie color distirbution, etc?

Malard: they prospect for patches that are suitable for building an oven on

Zhukuram: If some helpful player build a pig sty at your camp will GMs be allowed to remove it?

Malard: Brucette no, however it will generally follow the rules of ecology

Lisimba: once you get a pig to "like" you, will it ever stop, or do you need to continue making it happy?

Nobu: i hope someone is writing this down...

Malard: so its a good way to basically work out what a patch of ground can spawn

Malard: @Lisimba, a full pig is a happy pig

Malard: *full = fed

Lisimba: got it

Lisimba: yes, who is keeping notes, can this chat be posted on wiki ? Brad??? Brad????

Malard: okay so any questions

Nobu: or use a mic...imagine

EdDaba: I'm copy a transcript

EdDaba: copying*

Smurf: Dose the location of the Swinery matter?

haraelendil: seems clear to me

EdDaba: will post later

Brucette: will we have pig barns like at previous event?

Malard: location does not matter

Malard: essentially i want to explain the mechanics

Sandman: clear as mud, which is appropriate

Allophyl: So it doesn't matter if it's on grass, dirt, or sand?

Lisimba: where can we find the transcript Ed?

Malard: no the pig barn was an item from dragon tale, it does not fit into this game

Malard: Allophyl, no

anefeli: i wish we did had to distroy food when we play with ratios......

Qwu: can we get isis bounty onions seeds?

EdDaba: on the chat transcripts page on the wiki, later today

Nobu: ty

Lisimba: ok ty

Brucette: looks like fun Malard, thank-you

Lisimba: it all sounds sooo soo , ok fun, ty Malard