The Stranger's Challenge Cheese Recipe

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The event

Visit a Conflict Shrine and pay a 1 Malardium fee to enter the conflict arena and begin the challenge.

 Send your spirit to The Stranger's Construction Challenge

The Rewards

Complete the Challenge within two hours to receive one of the following cheese recipes:

  • Shanklish : Sheep pen "protection"
  • Areesh : Quality Value increase
  • Baramily : Silences Cicada Cages
  • Domiati : End + Con

These recipes can be completed in a creamery. Creameries can also be set for them in the same way a kettle can be set for salt.

Challenge Criteria

  • Challenge may be started at any conflict shrine, at any time.
  • You can continue after the 2 hour limit but you will not get a recipe.
  • You can exit at any time.
  • You will have to pay another malardium ore as a fee for every attempt.
  • One recipe given per avatar on success.

What do you have to do?

The event will take you back in time for a trip down memory lane and your first visit to Egypt on Welcome Island. It also combines features of WI (Welcome Island) with Principles of Architecture building your first compound.

You will be transported to a special event area with items similar to what exists on WI. You will not carry any materials from the main game into the area. You will be given a few things to start with.

The arena has some trees around the outside and a fountain with water in the middle. There is sand on the outer edge and grass in between. There is mud next to the fountain. Slate is scattered around the water area. There are plants, shrubs and thorns.

  • You will need to build a compound from scratch of a particular size.
Unknown: Is the size the same for everyone? (probably)
  • You will be given 1 Old Egypt Flax seed.
This is weed 2 times and harvest.
If you plant and harvest your only seed you will have failed the challenge.
  • You will have to build and expand a compound to the stated size.

Elementary Compound Construction

After the start of tale, the rigors of building a compound fade away. This challenge is a re-enactment of all the issues of building a compound before there are any large machines to help. It's Doing It The Old Fashioned Way.

Things to remember about early construction.

The Compound

You will be given a size of compound you must finish in the 2 hour period to get the cheese recipe. You can take as long as you like to complete the challenge but only those finishing withing 2 hours get a recipe.

You can exit at any time. When you exit you will get a message "Checking the Results".

  • If you exit and/or fail you will have to pay another Malardium Ore fee to enter and retry the challenge.

Sizing a compound can be confusing. Is it by "additional sectors" on the blue prints or is it by the amount of cells a sector can hold? A sector is 16x16 cells. The starter compound can be expanded 49 times. A compound can hold at max of 50 sectors unless you have passed one of the Architecture Tests where you can add more.

  • There is often a confusion (in the wiki) between "cells" and "sectors" and "interior grid cells".

The challenge size is not about "interior grid cells" it a number of expansions of the building via "Add a Sector".

How many? Good Question....

How you decide to build out the compound and the manner in which you gather and use limited resources will determine your success in meeting the 2 hour limitation for the recipe.

  • READ the instructions carefully when using the blueprint menu on the compound.

Old Timer Info from Tale 5

 A beginning Town House style compound starts with a footprint of 2 by 3 sectors (6 total). The most compact 16-sector compound has a footprint of 4 by 4 sectors.  

4	B	B	B
4	B	B	B		B = 6 sectors
4	4	4	4
4	4	4	4		16 sectors (10 more)

How will I know if I won?

When you load the last item into the materials list for the correct size compound you get the following message

 Congratulations, Exit the challenge to claim your prize

The recipe is randomly selected. You can only do the challenge one time so you cannot acquire any of the other ones.