Time to Weed and Pick the Flowers

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General rules of the event(s)

Please note that even though the full duration of the event on the calendar says 4 days, this is a time span in which a series of events all with the same theme will take place.

On Sunday September 16th, 2 larger events (maxi-events, see below) were completed, the first lasting over an hour, the 2nd lasting over half an hour.

During the following days, smaller events (mini-events, see below) will take place with more limits of participants.

PrincessAlara runs the events. When she announces the start, please state that you found either an Odd Weed or a Colorful Weed, along with the coordinates, in the Events channel.

When you are eligible according to the specific round-type rules below, an Event Team member will be directed to your location and will pick the weed at Botanical Identification skill level 2. This gives you a chance to get a bloom, or to get nothing (normal weed). When a bloom was picked, you will receive the bloom/bulb plus a prize (see below). If it was a normal weed (no luck), you will receive a consolation prize.

Please note that you do not need the skill Botanical Identification to participate, since you will not be the one picking the weed.


  • It is important to NOT PICK the weed.
  • Stay at the weed until an Event Team member has checked it.
  • Prizes are handed out to you right away, so don't run away until you have received your prize(s).

Special rules for mini-event

  • Only 10 participants are accepted.
  • Only one weed per person per round is accepted.

Please be patient with the Event Team as these mini-events are usually run by only 1 or 2 people, so it may take a bit longer for the team member to arrive to pick your weed.

Special rules for maxi-event

  • The number of participants is unlimited while the round is going on.
  • The duration is set to a limited amount of time and when the end of the round gets near, this will be announced.
  • Multiple weeds by the same person are accepted, however, since you will have to be present at the reported weed, it is wise to report one at a time, stay at that one, and when it has been checked by the Event Team member, then post the other one.


  • Prize for successfully picked Colorful Weed: Emperor Orchid Bulb (+ the bulb that came from the weed)
  • Prize for successfully picked Odd Weed: Clear Skies Sand Bloom Bulb (+ the bulb that came from the weed)
  • Consolation prize: 2 Malardium + 50 Raw Silk