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(Technology - Worship)
Level Required 5
Lessons to Teach 7
Related Technologies
Research Prerequisites
Materials Prerequisites
Required By
Factions Researched
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Allows for the cultivation of grapes.


Viticulture Allows the growing of grapes. You need the Viticulture skill to build a Vineyard. Once you learn that, you need a Vine Cutting to plant in the vineyard. You can tend the vineyard to grow grapes or change the various values (acidity, color, skin) of the vine, and you can take cuttings to grow more vines.

See the Wine Guide.

Research Costs

Vine Types

Historic Phenotypes

Vine Starting Grapes Phenotype
Amusement 11 GGVV
Appreciation 12 QQQ
Balance 8 ACGQKS
Contemplation 12 QQKK
Distraction 12 GG
Frivolity 12 ACCSS
Wisdom 8 KKK