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Information From Tale 7
The information in this article is based on Tale 7 and has not yet been verified in Tale 8. Please use such information with care as things may have changed in Tale 8.
If you are able to confirm and provide updated information, please consider updating this article and removing this warning.

Command Keys

  • [F3] Toggle map window
  • [F4] Temporary compass
  • [F5] Tight Camera - 'General'
  • [F6] Medium Camera - 'Explorer'
  • [F7] Far Camera
  • [F8] Eye in the Sky - 'Dueling cam'
  • Double [F8] Enhanced Cartographer Camera
  • Triple [F8] Enhanced Cartographer Camera zoomed all the way in
On Macintosh, [F9], [F10], and [F11] are mapped to Expose controls by default. To get around this without changing the Expose mappings, press the Command (Apple) key in addition to the F-key.
  • [F9] Go to the previous chat tab
  • [F10] Go to the next chat tab
  • [F11] Toggle friends list
  • [F12] Toggle the UI
  • [Esc] Character Menu
  • [Ctrl-C] Copy text (from text highlighted in areas where you can type, or copy contents of an open chest Browse window))
  • [Ctrl-V] Paste text
  • [Ctrl-P] Displays last command sent
  • On the Mac, use Option instead of Alt. Yes, these do work!
  • [Alt-A] Record a Movie (series of PNGs) (captures to RAM until you press alt-c (alt-a again leaks the RAM) again to dump the frames to disk)
  • [Alt-C] Screen Capture (saved in the directory with elaunch as FrameXXXXX.png)
On my Linux system, with game installed to ~/eClient, Movies and Screenshots are placed in ~/.egenesis/egyptc -Marquetarian
  • [Alt-D] Freeze Horizon (check it out) - more technically, "don't draw sky dome"
  • [Alt-F] Freeze Screen (T1), now just prints "model vertices:0" at the top left of the screen
  • [Alt-J] No Texturing (?) - Messes up some textures
  • [Alt-L] Lock/Unlock Camera Position
  • [Alt-N] Mouse Hack
  • [Alt-S] Turn (some) Models Off
  • [Scroll Lock] Refresh/Reload Game Information - try this if the client gets out of date/funky
  • [Alt-F7] Move active folder left new for T4
  • [Alt-F8] Move active folder right new for T4
  • [Alt-F9] Move active chat tab left
  • [Alt-F10] Move active chat tab right


Objects and buildings can be used with keystrokes instead of clicking on them. The keys are enclosed in square brackets (e.g. [G] for gathering wood from a tree).

To use hotkeys you must minimize the chat window by pressing Enter. Then position the mouse pointer over the object or building and press the key on the keyboard.


  • For Flax and Bricks you can toggle the hotkeys via Self -> Options -> One-click and related.
  • Via Self -> Options -> Chat-related you can toggle that minimized chat channels are still visible while using hotkeys so you can keep watching.

Chat Window Commands

Buddy List

  • /af <player name>
Adds a friend to your friends list
  • /rf <player name>
Removes a friend from your friends list
  • /privacy on/off
setting /privacy on will report your online status on the buddy list as privacy.
setting /privacy off will report your online status (default).
  • This is a new setting for T7. It is still under development and behavior may not be as expected.
    Status words may include: privacy, swimming, afk, nochat, nochatui', and other curiosities.


  • /password <old password> <new password> <new password again>
Change password
  • /webpass <site> <password>
Change your password for fansite <site>. Currently, the only valid site is The login data passed to is used to log into the Wiki, and the acro tool. the forums require seperate registration.

See Special:OpenIDLogin for details.


  • {time:xxxx}
will display the relative time for everyones set timezone for example, Inputter with timezone gmt+0000 types {time:2000} and sends to chat, what actually will display is <20:00> for people GMT+0000 and <21:00> for people in GMT+0100 and so on.
  • /tell <playername>
Sends one line of text to the player of your choice
  • /reply
Sends a tell to the last person to /tell you
  • /chat <playername>
Opens a chat window with the player of your choice
  • /message <playername>
Send a message to a player, that will appear in their calendar.
  • /info <playername>
Opens up the 'Info' box for that player
  • /info $$
When keyed in a current Chat Tab Window of a player, shows the 'Info' box for that player. The $$ keyword works with all commands requiring <playername>
  • /squelch <playername>
Allows you to ignore the conversation of other players (chats and Main, not guild chats) - notifies them you've squelched them
  • /unsquelch <playername>
Allows you to unignore a previously 'squelched' player. Displays name of player being removed from squelch list
  • /ignore <playername>
Same as /squelch
  • /unignore <playername>
Same as /unsquelch. Displays name of player being removed from squelch list
  • /silentignore <playername>
Same as /squelch, but doesn't notify
  • /squelchlist
Displays listing of players on your squelch list
  • /ignorelist
Displays listing of players on your squelch list
  • /unsquelchall
clears squelch list. Displays confirmation message the list has been cleared.
  • /unignoreall
same as /unsquelchall. Displays confirmation message the list has been cleared.
  • /me <emote>
Allows you to verbally emote (i.e. /me laughs would display the text 'Tchrin laughs')
  • ! <emote>
Same as /me
  • /copy
copies the contents of the current chat window to the clipboard. Does not work on main window.
  • /join <channel name>
To join the in game radio stations, such as Events. (See: Microphones)
  • /rotv
rotates vowels?
  • /rot13


  • /help
Displays an interactive list of commands.
  • /cmd
same as /help. Displays an interactive list of commands.
  • /ts
Toggles whether the time stamp is shown on chat buffers
  • /time
Displays the current ingame time in Main channel
  • /clock
Toggles the display of current in-game time in a floating window
Clock displays Egyptian Calendar and Time; fps and clock cannot be displayed simultaneously. Selecting one will turn off the other.
  • /clockloc
Toggles the display of current ingame time and position in a floating window
  • /afk
Toggles afk (Away From Keyboard) mode on and off.
  • /crowd
Checks the percentage crowding in the area you are in
  • /fps
Toggles Frames per Second view on and off *
  • /login <charactername> <password>
Logs you out of your current character and directly into the character you specify
  • /logout
Logs you out and returns you to the login screen
  • /quit
Quits the client