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One Question Survey

Feel free to simply copy/paste this simple, one question survey into your user page, send Brad a chat in-game, post in #wiki-editing on Discord or wherever else you think it might be seen.

  1. In what ways do you feel you primarily use (or would like to use) the Wiki in regards to your adventures across Egypt? (Select all that apply)
    1. I use the Wiki as a reference to check things like the costs of Skill tuitions, crafting costs, or Test requirements.
    2. I use the Wiki as a way to learn the basics of how to play the game, various game mechanics, or figuring out aspects of life in Egypt.
    3. I use the Wiki to read the well-written Guides covering specific game mechanics such as mining, blacksmithing, or cooking.
    4. I use the Wiki for the Atlas and map functions so I can find my way to various points of interest around Egypt.
    5. I use the Wiki to help me know what needs to be done to pass Tests and Principles.
    6. I use the Wiki to add information to my user page or other sandbox areas so that I can keep notes for my own personal use on various projects.
    7. I use the Wiki to reference or coordinate guild projects, experimentation data such as genetics/crossbreeding, ecological testing, animal/mushroom tracking, or other information that is data-oriented, experimental, or theoretical in nature.
    8. I use the Wiki to track the progress of in-game Research and Faction progress.
    9. I use the Wiki for reasons other than those listed above. (Please elaborate)