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Information From Tale 7
The information in this article is based on Tale 7 and has not yet been verified in Tale 8. Please use such information with care as things may have changed in Tale 8.
If you are able to confirm and provide updated information, please consider updating this article and removing this warning.

Weight 1
Bulk 1


Leather is a byproduct of slaughtering Sheep and Camels.



Research and Tuition

Required By

Barrel Grinder, Bead Grinder, Blast Furnace, Charcoal Brazier, Charcoal Oven, Deep Well, Flax Gin, Large Steam Engine, Medium Steam Engine, Pottery Wheel, Rock Saw, Small Steam Engine

Produced By

Camels, Sheep

Required By (Temporary Manual Section)

Advanced Charcoal Production, Automatic Charcoal Production, Barrel Grinder, Basic Chemistry, Bead Grinder, Blast Furnace, Charcoal Brazier, Charcoal Oven, Deep Well, Distract of Sky, Empty Hand Puzzle, Exploration Travel, Flax Automation, Flax Gin, Fleet Furnace, Gyration Cell, High Pressure Steam Engine, Large Steam Engine, Test of the Library of Alexandria, Mason's Bench, Medium Steam Engine, Metallurgy 3, Mine, Mining, Pottery Wheel, Rawhide Strips, Reactory, Rock Saw, Salvage Techniques, Small Steam Engine, Steam Mechanics 1, Steam Mechanics 2, Steam Mechanics 3, Steam Shovel, Structure Maintenance, Structure Repair, Test of the Seven Phoenix, Twist of Study

Produced By (Temporary Manual Section)

Camels, Sheep