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Learn the Ranching Technology from the University of Worship.

Make a Lasso. Self -> Skills -> Assembly -> Make a Lasso

  • 6 Rope
  • Use a Lasso to attach a bovine to the Ranch.

Make a Stockwhip.

To build a ranch requires having in Inventory Self -> Projects -> Farming... -> Ranch

  • 50 Boards
  • 200 Wood
  • 30 Rope
  • Ranch now shows the number of cattle in a Ranch.

Click the ranch fence to build: Food Trough

Water Trough (Holds max of 500 water):

Water Trough Upgrade (Holds max of 1000 water):

  • 20 Black, Termite-resistant, Nontoxic Boards

Construct Pigsties (Convert to house pigs. Requires Ranching 2) ranch becomes a Swinery:

  • 100 Hard, Rotproof Treated Boards
  • 50 Insulative, Corrosion-Resistant Sun Steel Sheeting (Needs to be in ONE stack. Costs 100 stacked, treated metal to make 50 sheeting)
  • 50 Nails
  • 1000 Straw

Market Upgrade (requires Advanced Trade 2, allows selling pigs/cattle):


Cattle placed in a privately owner ranch, will keep ownership of the owning user, when transferring ownership to a guild or person. This is to facilitate loaning cattle to bootstrap other ranches. If the cattle is to be owned by the receiving guild or person, the cattle should be added after transferring ownership, or if ownership is already transferred, the cattle should be removed from the ranch and added back in.

Bull and Cow and Calves and Milk

Wild Bull:

  • Can be tipped to gain the Achievement, "Tipped a Bull".
  • Can be fed a pepper and might give a Cattle Dung (appears below the bull). The Cattle Dung can be dried on a Flax Hammock to make Dried Cattle Dung. After putting the Cattle Dung in your Inventory, click Self -> Skills -> Search Cattle Dung for Pepper Seeds. Perception might be needed to find the pepper seeds. Grilled carrots and certain cheeses give Perception.

Wild Cow:

  • Can be Milked if you have empty Jugs in your Inventory. The Milking Technique is randomly given under Skills under the 'C' for Cow alphabetically, NOT under the 'M's.
  • If no milk is given then the cow had not given birth recently and the udders are dry.

Wild Calf:

  • Cannot be tipped. If you do, it leaves a nasty message and the calf will not disappear.
  • Can be whipped if you have a stockwhip and/or a lasso. The calf can be added to the ranch.

Bull in a Ranch:

  • Eats peppers from a Food Trough at the rate of ? peppers per hour per bull. Does not give Cattle Dung.
  • Drinks water from a Water Trough at the rate of ? water per hour per bull.
  • You can use the option Remove from Ranch to revert to wild status if you have a Lasso in Inventory.
  • Use Remove from Ranch option then Whip option to move to another Ranch.

Cow in a Ranch:

  • Eats peppers from a Food Trough at the rate of 1 pepper per hour per cow.
  • Drinks water from a Water Trough at the rate of 1.5 water per hour per cow.
  • Cows give birth after 10 cycles (recently pregnant cows do not give birth right away again). After doing so, they can be milked in a consistent time interval of ??.
  • After being milked for a certain period, they dry up as in real life. "The udders have no milk."
  • Having Milking Technique (appears in Skills list under 'C' for Cow Milking Technique), increases milk yield.
  • Milking Technique can be learned from a cow in a Ranch or in the wild.
  • You can use the option Remove from Ranch to revert to wild status if you have a Lasso in Inventory.
  • Use Remove from Ranch option, then Whip option to move cattle.


  • Chance of being born after 10 feeding cycles.
  • Calves can be Slaughtered.
  • Female calves can also give birth and be milked (may be a bug or oversight). Stands to reason that male calves can also breed like adults. This was a bug and has been fixed


  • All "Jugs of Cow's Milk" in Egypt sour at the same time. It is a simple item. All "jugs of cow's milk" in a single stack sour at the same time.
  • Milk sours after a range of 2 hours to 10 Egyptian days (please change range if you had less or more time elapse).
  • According to Malard (Discord, #general, Nov 15 2018), milk will sour in approximately three days real time. Spatulus (talk) 21:09, 15 November 2018 (UTC)
  • Higher levels of Milking Tech increases the amount of milk per milking and reduces the rate of milk souring.
  • Milk given to another avatar seems to sour at different rates once separated like that.

Sour Milk
When did your milk go sour? Lets collect data to figure out the timing of this event!

  • Noticed sour milk at 4 AM, Peret II-8
  • Milk fresh at 11:23 AM on Peret II-13
    • Still fresh at 12:14 AM on Peret II-14
    • Noticed Sour milk at 2 PM on Peret II-14
  • Milk fresh at 6 AM on Peret II-16
    • Noticed sour milk at 7:30 AM Peret II-20
  • Milk fresh at 9 PM on Peret III-7
    • Noticed sour milk at 2 PM on Peret III-8
  • Milk fresh at 2 AM on Peret IV-20
    • Noticed sour milk at 4 AM on Peret IV-20

Ranching Tips

Getting Cattle Dung

  • Have a lasso / stock whip and pepper in inventory
  • Using a lasso remove an excess bull from the ranch
  • If the bull exits onto terrain that's difficult use the stock whip to move it to a flatter area
  • Once the bull has exited the ranch there will be an option to Feed a Pepper
  • After the bull eats the pepper there is a chance it will drop "cattle dung". The bull may also "seem to enjoy the pepper" but not consume it.
  • After being offered a pepper, the bull will disappear.

Getting a Pepper Seed from Cattle Dung

  • Dry the Cattle Dung in a Flax Hammock. It will take 2–3 days to dry.
  • There is no option to dry Cattle Dung on a Drying Rack.
  • After it dries it is called: Dried Cattle Dung
  • When held in your inventory, the Dried Cattle Dung has an option to check for a seed.
  • Self / Skills / Look for Seeds in Dried Dung
  • If successful you get the message: You found an odd seed in the dung
    along with one of the pepper seed types in your inventory


  • Slaughter requires a Glass or Iron Knife
  • After 6 Slaughters the knife will become Too Dull

Population Control

  • Herds increase when there are sufficient peppers in their feed trough and there is at least 1 bull and 1 cow in the ranch.
  • The maximum is 10 cattle per ranch. Cattle will continue to consume any peppers in their feed troughs.
  • You can move excess cattle between ranches with a lasso and a stock whip.
  • If there are no peppers in the feed bin they will not reproduce. By restricting peppers to zero, you can halt the expansion of the herd.
  • Note: You cannot remove peppers once they are added to the feed bin.
  • Cattle only need water to be healthy.

Milking Technique

  • Have empty jugs in your Inventory and click the Milk option on a cow, wild or in a ranch.
  • Milking Technique shows up in your Skills tab alphabetically as if it is 'Cow'.
  • Bad luck modifier added - the longer you go without gaining this technique, the better your chances are of learning it.
  • Milking Technique is available to at least level 7.

Cheesemaking Skill

  • Bought at School of Worship for 10 Jugs of Milk + 10 Salt
  • Build a Butter Churn Self -> Projects -> Cooking... -> Butter Churn is an outdoor building, but may also appear to be inside a compound.
  • Learn new cheese recipes at your faction's Great Hall.
  • Can build a Creamery with a Small Construction Site and load 200 Wood + 15 Steel + 3 Copper Pots + 500 Bricks + 4 Linen + 2 Pulleys + 5 Rope + 2 Barrel Taps (Carving 3).
  • Can build Small (16 Nails + 10 Rope + 60 Boards - holds 10 Cheese) and Large Aging Rack (30 Nails + 10 Rope + 200 Boards - holds 20 Cheese). The individual Cheese graphics show up starting from the lower shelf when put on.

Caption Caption

Cheese Recipes


Recipes below give the best proportions.

Rumi - All factions

  • 15 Milk

Halloumi - Kush

  • 10 Milk + 3 Buttermilk + 1 Salt

Istanboly - Hyksos

  • 10 Milk + 4 Oil + 2 Peppers

Mish - Meshwesh

  • 3 Buttermilk + 3 Sour Milk + 3 Pepper + 1 Salt

Tearing Down

A ranch can probably not be torn down while there are still cattle inside. Ask a GM for help if the ranch looks empty, but the window says there are still cattle inside. The ranch needs to recount its cattle.