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This article is about the (non-cuttable) gems primarily produced from ore and sand mines. See also Cuttable Gems. Gems in Egypt come in different varieties and sizes.

Gem Types

Historically, every mine in a region provides the same gem. This may not be the case in T8 until more discovery is completed. Please list the region you find any of the gems in below:

  • Quartz - Arsinoe, Axum, Buhen, Herakleopolis, West Kush
  • Ruby - Bahariya Oasis, Bernike, Damot, Napata, Swenett, Timna
  • Topaz - Asyut, Gebel, Meshwesh Delta, Nabta Playa, Naqada, Zau, White Nile
  • Emerald - Giza, Hamim, Lahun, Meshwesh Delta, Red Sea, Thebes, Western Desert
  • Sapphire - Bitter Lakes, Blue Nile, Cyrene, Fayium, South Sinai, Upper Egypt
  • Diamond - Abydos, Akhetaton, Meroe Desert, Meshwesh Delta, Suez, Zau
  • Opal - Asyut, East Sinai, Philae, Wadi Natrun, West Sinai, East Kush

Gem Sizes

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Huge


Obtained from Ore and Sand Mines throughout Egypt. Also randomly produced much less efficiently by Water Mines

See Maps/Public Mines for a map of most public (sand) mines.

Public Sand Mines

Gem Type Coords Region Sponsored By Notes
Diamond 928, 2793 Abydos Lukeera
Diamond -444, 1000 Akhetaton Amigos
Diamond 34, 7224 Zau Unknown
Diamond 1534, 6096 Suez Reyzer
Quartz 2500, 4970 Arsinoe Unknown
Quartz -470, -367 Buhen Amigos
Quartz 1146, 5200 Herakleopolis blondie
Quartz 3850, -5750 Axum Unknown
Quartz -234, -4993 West Kush Sissue
Quartz 137, -4888 West Kush MissBarbara
Ruby 1316, -1156 Swenett Qwu
Ruby 3066 -941 Bernike Tamarack
Ruby 660, -1360 Swenett Mysterion
Ruby 4475, 5680 Timna Reyzer
Ruby -888, -6088 Napata Lukeera
Topaz 1219, -6249 White Nile MissBarbara
Topaz 2156, 2725 Asyut TheMazeEcho?
Topaz 160, 7180 Meshwesh Delta Unknown
Topaz 570, 6804 Meshwesh Delta Unknown
Topaz 4100, 3700 Gebel Unknown
Topaz 1575, 7090 Bitter Lakes Reyzer
Sapphire 828, -1712 Upper Egypt Amanti
Sapphire 2095, -1490 Upper Egypt Tamarack
Sapphire -1358, -1395 Kerma blondie
Emerald 510, -62 Thebes Amigos
Emerald 850, 6420 Giza Reyzer
Emerald -1173, 4871 Lahun Lukeera
Emerald -917, -5374 Western Desert Sissue
Opal 1974, 1754 Asyut SueV
Opal 3033, 7178 West Sinai Ki-Nala
Opal 1087, 1934 Asyut Bryce
Opal 4376, 6713 East Sinai blondie


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