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Egypt is home to a variety of metals. Some are mined from the earth, while others are alloys of two or more metals.

Basic Metals

These metals are obtained from Mines. They are mined as Ore (with the exception of silver), and must be smelted in a furnace to be converted into metal.

Prospected Metals

These metals are obtained directly from Mining Camps.


Brass.pngBronze.pngPewter.pngSteel.pngMoonSteel.pngSun Steel.PNGThoth's Metal.pngWatermetal.pngMetal Blue.pngOctecsAlloy.png

Alloys are created at a Reactory by combining two or more metals. Some alloys are composed partially or entirely of other alloys.

  • Metal Blue (steel, Thoth's Metal, Water Metal, and tungsten)