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Information From Tale 7
The information in this article is based on Tale 7 and has not yet been verified in Tale 8. Please use such information with care as things may have changed in Tale 8.
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A Furnace converts ore to metal, consuming fuel.

There are two main types of furnace:

  • Charcoal-fired furnaces with relatively short firing times
  • large Petroleum-fired furnaces with much longer firing times but greater efficiency.
  • Both produce Clinker

The most time and resource-efficient CC furnace is the Gyration Cell.

Furnace Fuel Type Max Ore Fuel Req Typical Ore:Metal Typical Fuel:Metal Fire Time Typical Metal/Hour Notes
Bullet Furnace Charcoal 200 5 100:1 2.5:1 5 minutes FaF 188 ore + 4 charcoal = 2 metal
Compression Furnace Charcoal 500 20 33.33:1 1.33:1 20 minutes 45/hour No pollution confirmed. Tested 0 Acidity, no HM.
Blast Furnace Charcoal 1000 10 17:1 0.37:1 10 minutes? 324/hour FaF FaF 991 ore + 9 cc = 54 metal
Gyration Cell Charcoal 1500 50 10:1 0.33:1 15 minutes 600/hour Low pollution, currently the best CC furnace
Fleet Furnace Charcoal - 20 - - 24 hours - Only makes Quicksilver
Persephone Furnace Petroleum 20000 1-1000 8:1 0.035:1 typ. 4+ days 26/hour Believed to produce no pollution
Hades Furnace Petroleum 20000 1-1000 6:1 0.06:1 typ. 4+ days 2k metal first 24 hrs Large pollution radius