Persephone Furnace

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Persephone Furnace
Persephone Furnace
Medium Construction Site
Cost to Build
Clay Bricks 2,500
Boards 2,500
Water in Jugs 2,000
Gypsum 500
Cut Stone 250
Lime 200
Steel Sheeting 150
Copper Sheeting 50
Iron Strap 40
Iron Bars 40
Fine Glass Pipe 20
Copper Pipe 20
Crucibles 15
Pulley 10
Tin Sheeting 10
Thermometer 10
Aluminum Plate 1


This building becomes available after the Metallurgy 2 technology is learned at a University of Harmony.

Compare all Furnaces.


Built in a Medium Construction Site.


  • Smelt all known ores.
  • Uses Petroleum for fuel.


To construct, place a Medium Construction Site at the desired location, then select Projects > Furnaces > Persephone Furnace.

It must be built 65 or more coordinates away from any other Persephone Furnace or Hades Furnace.

  • If there is a Persephone Furnace or Hades Furnace up to 64 coordinates away, you will get a dialog box, "You must locate any water cooled furnace at least 64 coordinates from any other".
  • Has to be 65 or more coords away in both north-south coordinate AND east-west coordinate

It must be built near a water source and away from a road

  • If there is no water nearby, or if you construct too close to a road, you will get a dialog box, "Persephone Furnaces are cooled with water, and must be built near a natural source, and away from paths."
  • A Water icon does not necessarily meet the requirements, and equally you can build where you don't get a water icon.

Note: Due to a bug in the code, until 23-AUG-2017 the dialog box was not working correctly, this has now been fixed. Silden 14:55, 23 August 2017 (EST)

To prevent attempting to circumvent the distance restriction by constructing two furnaces at the same time or by repositioning it after construction, every time you fire a Persephone Furnace or Hades Furnace a check is made for any furnaces nearby. If there is another furnace 64 coords or less away, ALL affected furnaces will display in the main channel Operating a water cooled furnace too close to another causes it to become unstable. It will not operate when attempting to fire it.


Burns 28 petrol per day (28 ticks per day)

Ore Used Petrol Used Metal Yield Time opened Ore Cost/Metal Metal per Fuel
20,000 9 580 8 hours
20000 28 1340 24 hours (1 day ) 14.93 47.85
20000 56 2000 48 hours (2 days) 10.00 35.71
20000 84 2400 72 hours (3 days) 8.33 28.57
20000 140 2860 120 hours (5 days) 6.99 20.42
20000 224 3200 192 hours (8 days) 6.25 14.28
20000 450 3560 385 hours(16 days and 1 hour) ~5.618 7.9
20,000 1,000 3,780 35 days, 17 hours, 8 minutes, 35 seconds

Lower Ore gives a proportional reduction in metal, but take the same amount of time. 2,000 ore using 28 petroleum yields 134 metal after 1 day.

20,000 Ore will increase metal in steps of 20.