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Weight 1
Bulk 1

A Shovel is a reliable blacksmithed metal shovel. It is superior to the Slate Shovel and Iron Shovel. It does not break and improves digging efficiency based on the quality.


Produced at a Anvil and requires Blacksmithing and Advanced Blacksmithing



Research and Tuition

Blacksmithing a Shovel

  • Put your metal on your anvil.
  • Your goal is to get a lower dent in the middle, get metal to the back sides and make a flat tongue at the front.
  • Use a Shaping Mallet and try moving the metal from the area which will be the tongue in the end to the middle/back of the piece and then push it to the sides so it ends up with the height you need there.
  • Try using force medium (7) to low (3) to get that done and shift a lot between the model and your work piece.
  • Start at the front part where the tongue will be and try to push metal to the back.
  • Hit in the front, but not the edge because you want the metal. This creates a higher ridge a bit behind the front.
  • Push that back with 2 side strokes / a middle stroke if necessary and repeat.

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