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Medium Construction Site

Each Laboratory works on one square for each active research project at the same time.

The time it takes for a laboratory to complete its research is modified by how many people have recently assisted it (weekly, with some decay). One that has no one help it takes twice as long. Once an adequate number of people assist it this is reduced to the standard (1x) time. Further assistance will decrease the time until it takes half as long as the default time and then the lab will start turning away anyone that tries to assist them.

Every research project championed increases the number of Research Squares needed to finish the next one, and thus the number of total laboratories needed in order to research all squares in parallel.

Only one laboratory per House can be in construction at a time.

Since we are not going to have research take four times longer than normal any labs that are not fully assisted are counterproductive--they would only slow research down and increase the costs of additional labs that must be built. As such they should only be built in areas where large numbers of people will be able to assist them like major House chariot stops.

House elders can set various permissions such as the rank required to construct or upgrade a lab at their Great Hall.


Cost for the next lab depends on which House is making it. As more labs are made the cost of previous ingredients is increased and new ingredients are gradually added. The set of possible ingredients is determined by the tech level so far and normally they will be possible. There is some threshold of where it will intentionally pick items we cannot yet create if the system thinks we are building too many too fast.


Laboratories can now be upgraded with upgrade permits (purchased at Great Hall).

Current upgrade costs

Laboratory Locations