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Medium Construction Site

Each Laboratory works on one square for each active research project at the same time.

The time it takes for a laboratory to complete its research is fixed, and the laboratories can each get interrupted by problems for specific technologies, interrupting their progress and stalling the research progress.

Once a problem occurs, it is up to the population of Egypt, independently of their House, to fix the problem by donating resources to that specific laboratory, as the Research Square for that technology will be stuck until it is fixed.

Every research project championed increases the number of Research Squares needed to finish the next one, and thus the number of total laboratories needed in order to research all squares in parallel.

Only one laboratory can be in construction at a time.


Cost for the next lab is shown below:

Mats that have been accumulated for the Next Lab

History of laboratory costs should be kept up to date in Talk:Laboratory.


Laboratories can now be upgraded with building permits. Costs for the last lab (#48 Sauron)

Current upgrade costs

Laboratory Locations


NumberLinkNameLevelLocationStatusLast Updated"Modification date" is a predefined property that corresponds to the date of the last modification of a subject and is provided by Semantic MediaWiki.
1Meshwesh Great Hall (Tanis)2997, 6855Online22 Sep - 02:33:50
2Hyksos Great Hall (Avaris)21937, 1900Online22 Sep - 10:00:16
3Kush Great Hall (Meroe)286, -7110Online22 Sep - 10:00:10
4Annie (MW / Giza)1771, 6358Online22 Sep - 10:00:16
5Oliver (MW / Giza)1773, 6358Online21 Sep - 16:24:37
6Affable Labs (MW / Herakleopolis)11014, 5318Online22 Sep - 10:00:19
7Amigos 1 (Hyksos / Koptos)2656, -1703Online22 Sep - 10:00:15
8Mary (Kush / VoQ north of cs)2854, -4033Online22 Sep - 10:00:05
9Bernie (Bernike, NE of chariot)23050, -929Online21 Sep - 15:25:22
10Sir Uno (Kush / Meroe)2-1039, -6720Online22 Sep - 10:00:12
11Amigos 2 (Hyksos / Koptos)1656, -1706Online22 Sep - 10:00:13
12Yogi (MW / Tanis)2995, 6813Online22 Sep - 04:16:57
13Lucky (Kush / FoA - Meroe)2-959, -7031Online22 Sep - 10:00:07
14BooBoo (MW / Tanis)2992, 6813Online21 Sep - 18:16:07
15Lil' DeeGee (Kush / Kerma)2-1433, -1491Online22 Sep - 10:00:14
16TED TEK (MW / East Sinai)24237, 6734Online21 Sep - 04:59:24
17Amigos 3 (Hyksos / Koptos)1657, -1709Online22 Sep - 10:00:13
18Holy Avaris (Hyksos / Avaris)11948, 1878Online22 Sep - 10:00:09
19Big DeeGee (Kush / Kerma)2-1433, -1482Online21 Sep - 18:27:47
20Phoney (Kush / FoA - Meroe)2-933, -7031Online22 Sep - 10:00:19
21Elizabeth (Kush / VoQ)2852, -4033Online21 Sep - 18:45:41
22Tabatha (MW / South Sinai)23160, 4806Online22 Sep - 10:00:17
23MJ (Kush / FoA - Meroe)2-933, -7001Online22 Sep - 10:00:11
24McFly (Kush / West of Meroe)2-307, -7057Online22 Sep - 10:00:17
25Diggin DG (Kush / Kerma)2-1435, -1495Online22 Sep - 10:00:06
26Beautiful DG (Kush / Kerma)2-1433, -1479Online22 Sep - 02:48:59
27Trogdor (Bernike, NE of chariot)23055, -930Online21 Sep - 15:01:09
28Sauron (MW / Faiyum near Mt Doom)1327, 6329Upgrading22 Sep - 10:00:09


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