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Medium Construction Site

Each Lab works on one square for each active research project at the same time.

The time it takes for a lab to complete its research is fixed, and the labs can each get interrupted by problems for specific technologies, interrupting their progress and stalling the research progress.

Once a problem occurs, it is up to the population of Egypt, independently of their House, to fix the problem by donating resources to that specific lab, as the Research Square for that technology will be stuck until it is fixed.

Every research project championed increases the number of Research Squares needed to finish the next one, and thus the number of total labs needed in order to research all squares in parallel.

Only one laboratory can be in construction at a time


Laboratory Locations


NumberLinkNameLocationLast Updated"Modification date" is a predefined property that corresponds to the date of the last modification of a subject and is provided by Semantic MediaWiki.
1Meshwesh Great Hall997, 685518 Jun - 03:58:46
2Hyksos Great Hall1937, 190018 Jun - 03:52:11
3Kush Great Hall86, -711018 Jun - 03:37:09
4Novus Orsa 1771, 635817 Jun - 23:09:10
5Novus Orsa 2773, 635818 Jun - 04:10:18
6Affable Labs1014, 531817 Jun - 19:01:48
7Amigos 1656, -170317 Jun - 19:32:15
8Valley of Queens (North of cs)854, -403318 Jun - 03:35:54
9Sharuhen/Bernike3050, -92917 Jun - 18:10:16
10FoA 1-1039, -672017 Jun - 19:44:16
11Amigos 2656, -170617 Jun - 21:03:39
12MW Research Guild995, 681318 Jun - 04:01:11
13Lucky-959, -703117 Jun - 20:39:14
14MW Research Guild 2 Electric Boogaloo992, 681318 Jun - 04:02:43
15Lil' DeeGee-1433, -149118 Jun - 04:15:49