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  • Paid for using Talent Points. Talent Points are spent to initially purchase specializations, as well as to advance in level within each specialization.
  • Upon purchase of a specialization, a new title is awarded.
  • Players receive a set of Attribute increases, with the greatest total increase (in a maxed out specialization) going to the primary attribute.
  • Each specialization also awards a Trait at every fourth advance, unique to each specialization track.
  • A maximum of 104 talent points per specialization (a total of 32 advances) can be assigned.

Laborer: Automatic and Free
First Specialization: Free

Second Specialization: 2
Third Specialization: 4
Fourth Specialization: 8
Fifth Specialization: 16
Sixth Specialization: 32
Seventh Specialization: 64

Automatically available with no prerequisites:

  • Lumberjack
  • Potter
  • Weaver

Unlocked by learning the 1st level of Ritual Item Construction at a school of worship:

  • Priest


Respecialization resets all of a player's talent point expenditures, removing all purchased specializations and any acquired attribute advances and traits. No talent points are lost in this process. There is a one-month RL timer on respecialization, during which the player cannot respecialize again. After this timer expires, the player may again respecialize. These do not stack up; you cannot wait two months and respecialize twice in a row immediately.

  • Note on respecializing - beware that specializing can cost more talent points than you expect! Refer to the distribution chart on the Talent Points page to see the cumulative cost of advancement within a specialization.

Click on a specialization's name below to see the details of advancement levels and traits for that specialization.


 PrimarySecondaryTertiaryArea of Specialization
AnglerSpeedConstitutionDexterityEverything fish oriented
ArchitectDexterityConstitutionEnduranceConstruction of buildings
BrewmasterConstitutionStrengthFocusBeer brewing
CarpenterFocusEnduranceSpeedWood, boards, carving
CookEnduranceSpeedConstitutionAnything involving kitchens
EngineerConstitutionDexterityFocusChemistry and any complex mechanisms, machinery
FarmerEnduranceConstitutionStrengthRaising crops and getting larger yields
GlazierFocusDexteritySpeedGlass and Glassworking
LaborerStrengthDexteritySpeedGrunt work
LumberjackStrengthEnduranceDexterityLumberjacks are masters of gathering wood, and taking care of trees
MinerStrengthConstitutionFocusMining ore, gems and marble
NaturalistFocusSpeedConstitutionFlowers, herbs, and insects
PotterDexterityStrengthConstitutionClay, bricks, and pots
PriestEnduranceFocusConstitutionDowsing, and anything that involves supernatural powers (Gaining priest spec requires Ritual Item Construction Skill and possibly finding and donating a wild beetle)
RancherSpeedDexterityStrengthAnimals and animal husbandry
SmithStrengthFocusEnduranceBoth blacksmithing and whitesmithing
StonemasonStrengthSpeedDexterityAnything involving stone
VintnerConstitutionSpeedEnduranceWine fermenting
WeaverEnduranceFocusDexterityLinen, canvas, rope, cotton, flax, etc


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