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Test of the Banquet

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Test of the Banquet
Test of the Banquet
(Test - The Human Body)

Prove your mastery of Perception by throwing a banquet of the finest foods, wines, and beers. Invite twenty-one friends whom you have met on your travels to join, and to witness your advancement.


You need:

Art of the Pipe

Beer Brewing


no item requirements


You can obtain a menu from a banquet table once a day.


Wines have two required attributes, from

  • Tannin (3-9)
  • Alcohol (6-12)
  • Residual Sugar (1-21)
  • Vintages old (1-3)

The attribute for the wine must have at least the indicated value. Each wine bottle serves 7 people, so you will need 3 identical wine bottles per course.

Note: loading wine into the banquet table consumes the bottles as well


Foods have a duration requirement and a base requirement; also, to be a suitable dish, you recipe must have a positive effect. The base is a certain food that must make up at least 1/7th of the recipe. The duration is relatively low, typically maxing out at about 30 minutes. As such, it should not be difficult to make a suitable recipe. Recipes need to have 21 servings in order to feed everyone at the table. 21 servings = 147 debens of ingredients; 1/7 of that is 21 debens.

This Tale the Base requirement can be tricky, some of the Fish listed are very rare, seasonal or may never have been caught in game yet. Also rare mushrooms (dung rot) and such thing as Queen Ants or Dead Ants have been found on menus.

I recommend the following technique: pick 5 cheap ingredients plus your requirement (for a total 6 bases including your requirement), and use 24 debens of each. Then look up a suitable additive for each base and use 1 deben of that. (Make sure no additive is used as additive OR base by any other pair.) You may even be able to use the same recipe for more than one course! This does require Cooking 6; Lower cooking levels you can get away with and still have long enough durations, but if you just use a ratio of 6 to 1 debens and add enough to make 21 servings. Example cooking 4 you require ratio 36:6 and this will make 24 servings, but you need to test duration so make a 4 serving meal in your kitchen 6:1 ratio to check stats and duration. The actual ratio is the same just the amount of serving are different so stats will be the same.

List of fish that have been caught so far this Tale: if you have caught any fish not already listed, please add to the list :)


Beers have a required flavour and two other required attributes from among all the other possible attributes from beers. Any beer will work for this as long as it fulfils the required attributes. Note that if potency is stated, the exact potency is required (which means a very potent beer will not work for a potent requirement, but if requirement is say Fruity Brown Banana for example then a Potent or Very Potent Beer can be used). A single cask of beer will serve for a course. A "hint of" a flavour is fine

Tips on Hosting a Successful Banquet

Each meal must be cooked individually, and assigned to fulfill a specific course. Assignment checks if the meal meets the requirements - you will be told if you made a meal that doesn't work. It's recommended to use six combinations of 24 units of base and 1 unit of additive to get 21 portions and 1/7th ratios of the required ingredient. When cooked, the meal will have a timer start, and cooked meals can spoil in the banquet table. Time to spoilage appears normal for meals. A spoiled meal can be replaced by cooking a new meal. The table cannot be opened with spoiled meals loaded, but the table as a whole is not otherwise damaged if a meal spoils.

Beer does not check spoilage, and a spoiled beer can be freely used. The small barrel is consumed as the beer is loaded to the banquet table.

Wine does not spoil, and the requirements are very easy; 21 bottles of the same age 2+, 12.1% alc, 25+ tannin and residual sugar wine will fulfill all requirements.

21 guest names must be added to the banquet table before it can be opened. After opening, the menu options to remove or add names are offered, but it is unclear on if this can be done without disrupting the banquet.

The menu will be presented to you one last time before you open the table, showing time to spoilage for all meals. Any errors are not reported to Main or other channels. Good luck debugging!

After opening the table, you have 2 hours to get all 21 guests fed to pass!

Banquet Table

After completing a banquet, you must remove each guest by re-typing in all names on a remove guest pop up. Once complete, THEN you clear the table under Utility-clear the table. Otherwise the table will not be usable by another player. The set the table option will not appear for beer/wine loading.