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Powdered Gems

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Powdered Gems
Powdered Gems
Weight 1
Bulk 1

Powdered Gems are made from Cuttable Gems or mined Gems using a Chemistry Laboratory by using the option Pulverize. The following powdered gems may be created:

  • Powdered Amethyst
  • Powdered Citrine
  • Powdered Diamond
  • Powdered Emerald
  • Powdered Garnet
  • Powdered Jade
  • Powdered Lapis
  • Powdered Opal
  • Powdered Quartz
  • Powdered Ruby
  • Powdered Sapphire
  • Powdered Sunstone
  • Powdered Topaz
  • Powdered Turquoise

Cuttable Gems produce 1 powder per gem. Mined gems produce a quantity based on their size: 1 powder for Small gems, 2 for Medium, 4 for Large, and 7 for Huge. For a calibrated Chem Lab, the output is multiplied by (Calibration Level + 1).

Pulverizing gems will eventually wear out the Lab's Wooden Pestle, and it will have to be replaced.

Required By

Casting, Steam Rock Saw, Stonework

Pigment Mortar

Produced By

Chemistry Laboratory