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Skills can be self-taught by doing activities, learned at Schools by paying tuition, or learned at Universities after your faction completes the necessary Technology research donations. Some of the skills learned at Schools or at Universities may also be advanced by doing activities.

Skills Summary

Skill How Initially Acquired Tuition Max level Action(s) to Improve Notes
Animal Husbandry University of Worship None 4 Feed Sheep with Onions. Feed Camels with Straw
Arthropodology School of Worship 50 Beeswax, 50 Cactus Sap, 50 Dirt, 50 Dung, 50 Tadpoles, 50 Thorns, 6 Level 1: Find one of each type of Insect
Beekeeping University of Thought None 2
Blacksmithing University of Art and Music None 1
Bone Knapping School of Architecture 7 Animal Bones 1
Botany Automatic None 2 Level 1: Identify 25 plants/trees;
Level 2: Harvest or eat from the ground: 5800 Herbs
Brick Making Automatic None 2 Make Bricks
Level 1: Make Firebricks.
Level 2: Make Wet Clay Bricks
Camp Decoration From a Guild Hall None 1
Carpentry Automatic None 4 Make Boards, Slate Shovels, Heavy Mallets, Sledgehammers, Scythes, Deckles, Iron Shovels, Storage Baskets
Carving School of the Human Body 100 Wood 7 Carve items from Wood
Cheese Making School of Worship 10 Salt, 10 Cow Milk Allows the production of Cheese
Clothwork Automatic None 3 Make items on a Loom
Cooking School of Worship 100 Carrots, 100 Onions, 100 Leeks, 100 Garlic
Cooperage School of the Human Body 200 Bricks, 5 Canvas 4
Conflict Shrine Construction School of Natural Philosophy 2 Oyster Shell Marble
Exploration Travel School of Natural Philosophy 2 Leather 4
Ecology School of the Human Body 10 Tadpoles, 5 Flax, 1 Fertile Papyrus
Farming Automatic None 1
Filleting School of Worship 7 Slate Blade, 7 Phagrus Meat, 20 Common Basil
Flax Processing Automatic None 3 Process Rotten Flax in a Flax Comb
Flint Knapping School of Architecture 7 Flint 1
Fungiculture School of the Human Body 100 Compost
Fly Fishing School of the Human Body 100 Thread, 1 Sharpened Stick 6
Fly Tying School of Worship 100 Thread, 25 Thorns 6
Glassblowing University of Art and Music None 1
Grass Harvesting Automatic None 2 Harvest hundreds of Grass +400 grass for completing Faster Gathering
Horticulture University of Worship None 1
Indonesian Bee Care School of the Human Body 500 Honey
Kiln Construction School of Thought 20 Bricks 1
Knapping Automatic None 10 Make Slate Blade
Local Leadership School of Natural Philosophy 300 Bricks 150 Boards 6 Lvl 2 100 jugs, 10 leather
Milking Techniques Automatic None 5 Milk a Cow (Percentage chance to acquire)
Mining University of Natural Philosophy None 4
Navigation School of Natural Philosophy 50 Full Water Containers 6
Pottery School of Thought 10 Clay 3 Baking Firebricks in a Box Kiln
Project Management School of Thought 2 Canvas, 6 Rope 3
Pyrolysis University of Human Body None 2 Level 1: Set Simple Bonfire on fire. You get 5XP for a 50 Wood bonfire.
Level 2: Firepit
Ritual Item Construction School of Worship 10 Linen, 200 Firebricks, 100 Oil 2
Rocks of the Ages School of Architecture 10 Slate (Requires Perception 1+ depending on Decorative Stone attunement) 1 Can be repeated
Salvage Techniques School of Architecture 200 Firebricks 6 SBody - 1000 Charcoal
Shipwright University of Natural Philosophy 4 Tar 1
Sign Construction University of Natural Philosophy None 2
Stonework University of Architecture 10 Flint 3 Gathering Limestone, making a Cut Stone, or assembling a Flint Hammer
Structure Maintenance School of Architecture 20 Oil 6
Structure Repair School of Architecture 14 Pulley
Swimming School of the Human Body 10 Linen