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  • Players receive a set of Attribute increases and extra abilities and a Title
  • Paid for with Talent Points
  • Each Specialization increases Trait, with the greater increases overall (in a maxed out Specialization) going to the Primaries.
  • Max of 104 Talent Points per Specialization.
  • Talent Points are used to buy an initial Specialization or additional levels in a Specialization.

Laborer: Automatic and Free
First Specialization: Free

Second Specialization: 2
Third Specialization: 4
Fourth Specialization: 8
Fifth Specialization: 16
Sixth Specialization: 32
Seventh Specialization: 64

Automatically available with no prerequisites:

  • Lumberjack
  • Pottery
  • Weaver


Respecialization is when you reset all of your talents and traits to zero. No talent points are lost in this process. There is a one-month RL timer on Respecialization, during which you cannot Respecialize again. After the timer expires, you may Respecialize again. These do not stack up - you cannot wait two months and Respecialize twice in a row immediately.

Click the Specialization Name to see a list of Levels for that Specialization.

Name Pri Pri Sec Area of Specialization How to make available
Arborer Foc Spd Con Crossbreeding, including orchards and all flowers
Architect Con Dex End Construction of buildings Completing Home Sweet Home
Carpenter Foc End Spd Wood, boards, carving Learning Carpentry
Connoisseur Con Spd End Beer and Wine brewing and fermenting
Cook End Spd Con Anything involving kitchens Learning Cooking level 0
Engineer Con Dex Foc Chemistry and any complex mechanisms, machinery Learning Automation
Farmer End Con Str Raising crops and getting larger yields Automatically available
Angler Spd Con Dex Everything fish oriented Learning Fly Fishing
Glazier Foc Dex Spd Glass and Glassworking Learning Glassblowing
Laborer Str Dex Spd Carrying capacity and Charcoal Automatically available - Required
Lumberjack Str End Dex Chopping down Trees Automatically available
Merchant Spd Foc Str The buying and selling of goods
Miner Str Con Foc Mining and related Learning Mining
Potter Str Dex Con Clay, bricks, and pots Automatically available
Priest End Foc Con Dowsing, and anything that involves supernatural powers Learning Ritual Item Construction level 0
Rancher Spd Dex Str Animals and animal husbandry Learning Ranching
Scribe Spd Dex End Administration, keeping track of things, etc.
Smith Str Foc End Both blacksmithing and whitesmithing Learning Blacksmithing
Stonemason Str End Dex Anything involving stone Learning Stonework
Weaver End Foc Dex Linen, canvas, rope, cotton, flax, etc. Automatically available