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Note: Technologies show up in the Skills list after they are picked up. Some have tuition, and some can be advanced to higher levels via activities.


University of Architecture

Technology Levels Tuition Notes
Stonework.png Stonework 3 10 Flint
No Research Picture.png Advanced Brick Fabrication 2 None

University of Art and Music

Technology Levels Tuition Notes
Blacksmithing.png Blacksmithing 4 None
Glassblowing.png Glassblowing 2 None
The Science of Color.png The Science of Color 3 None
Taxidermy.png Taxidermy 1 None

University of the Human Body

Technology Levels Tuition Notes
Dowsing.png Dowsing 1 None
100px Pyrolysis 2 None Everything related to bonfires, fire pits, and charcoal

University of Natural Philosophy

Technology Levels Tuition Notes
Mining.png Mining 4 None
100px Shipwright 1 4 Tar
Sign Construction.png Sign Construction 4 None
Chariot Repair.png Chariot Repair 3 None
Casting.png Casting 3 None
Metallurgy.png Metallurgy 5 None
100px Trading 1 None

University of Thought

Technology Levels Tuition Notes
Beekeeping.png Beekeeping 3 None
100px Chemistry 3 None

University of Worship

Technology Levels Tuition Notes
100px Farming 2 None Vegetable seeds and flower bulbs
Animal Husbandry.png Animal Husbandry 3 None
100px Ranching 1 None
Horticulture.png Horticulture 1 None
Entomology.png Entomology 1 None
Viticulture.png Viticulture 1 None

The Great Hall

Technology Tuition Notes
Diplomacy.png Diplomacy None Creation of Chanceries
Guild Construction.png Guild Construction None Grants all faction members the ability to create guilds
Planning Application.png Planning Application - Unlike universities, this is for "each" planning application, once donations have been made, the donations reset to 0, and an elder can pick up a planning application.