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* [[Gems#Sapphire|Sapphire]]
* [[Gems#Sapphire|Sapphire]]
* [[Gems#Diamond|Diamond]] - Philae, Meroe Desert, Faiyum
* [[Gems#Diamond|Diamond]] - Philae, Meroe Desert, Faiyum
* [[Gems#Opal|Opal]] - East Kush
* [[Gems#Opal|Opal]] - East Kush, Lahun
==Gem Sizes==
==Gem Sizes==

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This article is about the (non-cuttable) gems primarily produced from ore and sand mines. See also Cuttable Gems. Gems in Egypt come in different varieties and sizes.

Gem Types

Historically, every mine in a region provides the same gem. This may not be the case in T9 until more discovery is completed. Please list the region you find any of the gems in below:

Gem Sizes

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Huge


Obtained from Ore and Sand Mines throughout Egypt. Also randomly produced much less efficiently by Water Mines

See Maps/Public Mines for a map of most public (sand) mines.

Public Sand Mines

Gem Type Coords Region Sponsored By Notes


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