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Halloween Sculptures

Camp Layout

Serenity Maps

  • Where everything is!
T10 early camp.png
markerMtAl.png Aluminum markerMtSb.png Antimony markerMtCu.png Copper markerMtCo.png Cobalt markerMtAu.png Gold
markerMtFe.png Iron markerMtPb.png Lead markerMtMg.png Magnesium markerMtNi.png Nickel markerMtPt.png Platinum
markerMtAg.png Silver markerMtSn.png Tin markerMtZn.png Zinc markerWhD.png Diamond markerGrE.png Emerald
markerPkO.png Opal markerGyQ.png Quartz markerRdR.png Ruby markerBlS.png Sapphire markerYeT.png Topaz


<insert facilities and locations here>

Metal Treatment

Metal Treatment Recipes

Wood Treatment

Serenity Wood Treatment

Guild Facilities

  • Hades Furnace (open for general use): 2515 -1115 (east of the fields)
  • Limestone Augers 2585, -1085
  • Medium Beehives: (2204, -1096), (2377, -1044), (2437, -1277), (2551, -1378)
  • Large Beehive: (2369, -1356)

Nearby Natural Resources

  • Red Sand: 744, -837
  • Sulphurous Water: 2271, -1240
  • Silt near the Wine Compound
  • Silt Collector: 2529, -1213

Guild Gem Mines

Serenity Mines Register

Marble Quarries

Serenity Marble Quarry List

  • Please note gear box requirements, if you can

Raeli Ovens

Raeli Ovens

Raeli Ovens map

Map of raeli saturation and hue

Map of raeli saturation and hue 2

Serenity/Funerary Temple Build Queue

Papyrus data

Yeast Spots

Guild Projects

Guild Projects

Hybrid Vine Tend Charts

Serenity Flowers

Metal Treatment Recipes

Phoenix Test


Serenity Wine Flavour Record Sheet

A Table for recording flavour locations for Serenity Vineyards

Serenity Locations

Tale 10 Flavors

Serenity Citrus Farm and Aromatic Honey Library

Serenity Citrus List

Serenity Aromatic Honey List

Serenity Master Schooners

  • Harbour is at 3550, -200. Please landmark the harbour and bring back to same spot after each use.

T9 Regional Resins List

T9 Raeli Oven Resins