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University of Architecture

Image Technology Unlocked
Advanced Brick Construction.png Advanced Brick Fabrication 1 Green tick.png Yes
Brick Automation.png Advanced Brick Fabrication 2 No-cross-16.png No
Automation.png Automation 1 Green tick.png Yes
Automation 2 No-cross-16.png No
Carpentry Automation.png Carpentry Automation 1 No-cross-16.png No
Chemistry Recipe - Lime Emulsion.png Chemistry Recipe - Lime Emulsion 1 No-cross-16.png No
Gearbox Design.png Gearbox Design 1 Green tick.png Yes
Loom Automation.png Loom Automation 1 No-cross-16.png No
Metal Treatment.png Metal Treatment 1 Green tick.png Yes
Mirrored Pyramid Contruction.png Mirrored Pyramid Construction 1 No-cross-16.png No
Obelisk Construction.png Obelisk Construction 1 Green tick.png Yes
Obelisk Construction 2 No-cross-16.png No
Obelisk Construction 3 No-cross-16.png No
Obelisk Construction 4 No-cross-16.png No
Obelisk Construction 5 No-cross-16.png No
Obelisk Construction 6 No-cross-16.png No
Obelisk Construction 7 No-cross-16.png No
Pyramid Contruction - Architecture.png Pyramid Construction 1 Green tick.png Yes
Pyramid Contruction - Art.png Pyramid Construction 2 Green tick.png Yes
Pyramid Contruction - Harmony.png Pyramid Construction 3 Green tick.png Yes
Pyramid Contruction - Leadership.png Pyramid Construction 4 Green tick.png Yes
Pyramid Contruction - Human Body.png Pyramid Construction 5 Green tick.png Yes
Pyramid Contruction - Thought.png Pyramid Construction 6 Green tick.png Yes
Pyramid Contruction - Worship.png Pyramid Construction 7 Green tick.png Yes
Pyramid Construction 8 No-cross-16.png No
Steam Mechanics.png Steam Mechanics 1 No-cross-16.png No
Steam Mechanics 2 No-cross-16.png No
Steam Mechanics 3 No-cross-16.png No
Stonework.png Stonework 1 Green tick.png Yes
Stonework 2 Green tick.png Yes
Stonework 3 Green tick.png Yes
Stonework 4 Green tick.png Yes
Stonework 5 No-cross-16.png No
Storage Improvements.png Storage Improvements 1 No-cross-16.png No
Storage Improvements 2 No-cross-16.png No
Storage Improvements 3 No-cross-16.png No
Structure Improvement 1 No-cross-16.png No
Structure Improvement 2 No-cross-16.png No
Structure Improvement 3 No-cross-16.png No
Structure Improvement 4 No-cross-16.png No
Wood Treatment.png Wood Treatment 1 Green tick.png Yes

University of Art and Music

Image Technology Unlocked
Airship Construction.png Airship Construction 1 No-cross-16.png No
Blacksmithing.png Blacksmithing 1 Green tick.png Yes
Advanced Blacksmithing.png Blacksmithing 2 Green tick.png Yes
Blacksmithing 3 No-cross-16.png No
Blacksmithing 4 No-cross-16.png No
Chemistry Recipe Acid Extraction.png Chemistry Recipe - Acid Extract 1 No-cross-16.png No
Chemistry Recipe Potash Ointment.png Chemistry Recipe - Potash Ointment 1 No-cross-16.png No
Crystal Acoustics.png Crystal Acoustics 1 No-cross-16.png No
Flax Automation.png Flax Automation 1 No-cross-16.png No
Glassblowing.png Glassblowing 1 Green tick.png Yes
Advanced Glassblowing.png Glassblowing 2 Green tick.png Yes
Goldwork.png Goldwork 1 No-cross-16.png No
Lapidery.png Lapidary 1 Green tick.png Yes
Lapidary 2 No-cross-16.png No
Lapidary 3 No-cross-16.png No
Pyrotechnics.png Mortar Construction 1 Green tick.png Yes
Raeli Pottery.png Raeli Pottery 1 Green tick.png Yes
Taxidermy.png Taxidermy 1 No-cross-16.png No
Science of Colour.png The Science of Color 1 Green tick.png Yes
Mass Production of Colour.png The Science of Color 2 No-cross-16.png No
Chromatic Touch.png The Science of Color 3 No-cross-16.png No

University of The Human Body

Image Technology Unlocked
Beer Brewing.png Beer Brewing 1 Green tick.png Yes
Bonfire Stabilization 1 No-cross-16.png No
Herbiculture.png Botany 1 No-cross-16.png No
Botany 2 No-cross-16.png No
Botany 3 No-cross-16.png No
Botany 4 No-cross-16.png No
Chemistry Recipe Gem Glue.png Chemistry Recipe - Gem Glue 1 No-cross-16.png No
Dowsing.png Dowsing 1 Green tick.png Yes
Perfuming.png Perfuming 1 No-cross-16.png No
Perfuming 2 No-cross-16.png No
Controlled Burn.png Pyrolysis 1 Green tick.png Yes
Charcoal Production.png Pyrolysis 2 Green tick.png Yes
Advanced Charcoal Production.png Pyrolysis 3 Green tick.png Yes
Pyrolysis 4 No-cross-16.png No

University of Natural Philosophy

Image Technology Unlocked
Casting.png Casting 1 Green tick.png Yes
Fine Casting.png Casting 2 Green tick.png Yes
Casting 3 No-cross-16.png No
Chemistry Recipe Gear Oil.png Chemistry Recipe - Gear Oil 1 No-cross-16.png No
Crossbreeding.png Cross-Breeding 1 Green tick.png Yes
Cross-Breeding 2 No-cross-16.png No
Deep Well Construction.png Deep Well Construction 1 Green tick.png Yes
Gear Casting.png Gear Casting 1 Green tick.png Yes
Gear Casting 2 Green tick.png Yes
Gear Casting 3 No-cross-16.png No
Marble Mechanics.png Marble Mechanics 1 No-cross-16.png No
Advanced Marble Mechanics.png Marble Mechanics 2 No-cross-16.png No
Metallurgy.png Metallurgy 1 Green tick.png Yes
Metallurgy 2 Green tick.png Yes
Metallurgy 3 No-cross-16.png No
Metallurgy 4 No-cross-16.png No
Metallurgy 5 No-cross-16.png No
Mining.png Mining 1 Green tick.png Yes
Mining 2 Green tick.png Yes
Mining 3 Green tick.png Yes
Mining 4 No-cross-16.png No
Minting.png Minting 1 No-cross-16.png No
Molecular Balance.png Molecular Balance 1 No-cross-16.png No
Papyrus Paper Fabrication.png Papyrus Paper Fabrication 1 Green tick.png Yes
Certification.png Printing 1 No-cross-16.png No
Shipwright 1 Green tick.png Yes
Shipwright 2 Green tick.png Yes
Sign Construction.png Sign Construction 1 Green tick.png Yes
Sign Construction 2 Green tick.png Yes
Sign Construction 3 No-cross-16.png No
Sign Construction 4 No-cross-16.png No
Basic Trade.png Trading 1 Green tick.png Yes
Wood Paper Manufacture.png Wood Paper Manufacture 1 No-cross-16.png No

University of Thought

Image Technology Unlocked
Alchemy.png Alchemy 1 No-cross-16.png No
Beekeeping.png Beekeeping 1 Green tick.png Yes
Hive Optimisation.png Beekeeping 2 Green tick.png Yes
Beekeeping 3 No-cross-16.png No
Chariot Repair.png Chariot Repair 1 Green tick.png Yes
Chariot Repair 2 Green tick.png Yes
Chariot Repair 3 No-cross-16.png No
Chemistry Recipe Arsenic.png Chemistry Recipe - Arsenic 1 No-cross-16.png No
Chemistry Recipe Explosives.png Chemistry Recipe - Explosives 1 No-cross-16.png No
Basic Chemistry.png Chemistry 1 Green tick.png Yes
Advanced Chemistry.png Chemistry 2 Green tick.png Yes
Chemistry 3 No-cross-16.png No
Contest Organization.png Contest Organization 1 No-cross-16.png No
Detonation.png Detonation 1 No-cross-16.png No
Distillating.png Distillation 1 No-cross-16.png No
Distillation 2 No-cross-16.png No
Herpiculture.png Herpeculture 1 Green tick.png Yes
Mutagenics.png Mutagenics 1 No-cross-16.png No
Neutralisation.png Neutralization 1 Green tick.png Yes
Offering Vault Construction.png Offering Vault Construction 1 Green tick.png Yes
Structual Pottery.png Structural Pottery 1 Green tick.png Yes
Toxin Extraction 1 Green tick.png Yes
Water Mining.png Water Mining 1 Green tick.png Yes

University of Worship

Image Technology Unlocked
Ambrosia Brewing.png Ambrosia Brewing 1 No-cross-16.png No
Animal Husbandry.png Animal Husbandry 1 Green tick.png Yes
Advanced Animal Husbandry.png Animal Husbandry 2 Green tick.png Yes
Domestic Sheep Farming.png Animal Husbandry 3 No-cross-16.png No
Avian Selection.png Avian Selection 1 Green tick.png Yes
Entomology.png Entomology 1 Green tick.png Yes
Entomology 2 Green tick.png Yes
Entomology 3 No-cross-16.png No
Agriculture.png Farming 1 Green tick.png Yes
Farming 2 Green tick.png Yes
Farming 3 Green tick.png Yes
Gardening.png Gardening 1 Green tick.png Yes
Thistle Gardening.png Gardening 2 Green tick.png Yes
Horticulture.png Horticulture 1 Green tick.png Yes
Horticulture 2 No-cross-16.png No
Horticulture 3 No-cross-16.png No
Aquaculture.png Hydroponics 1 Green tick.png Yes
Myrmecology.png Myrmecology 1 No-cross-16.png No
Ranching.png Ranching 1 Green tick.png Yes
Ranching 2 Green tick.png Yes
Viticulture.png Viticulture 1 Green tick.png Yes

The Great Hall


Image Technology Unlocked
Banner-Construction.png Banner Construction (Kush) 1 Green tick.png Yes
Banner Construction (Kush) 2 No-cross-16.png No
Diplomacy.png Diplomacy (Kush) 1 No-cross-16.png No
Banner-Construction.png Global Communication (Kush) 1 Green tick.png Yes
Guilds (Kush) 1 Green tick.png Yes


Image Technology Unlocked
Banner-Construction.png Banner Construction (Hyksos) 1 Green tick.png Yes
Banner Construction (Hyksos) 2 No-cross-16.png No
Diplomacy.png Diplomacy (Hyksos) 1 No-cross-16.png No
Banner-Construction.png Global Communication (Hyksos) 1 Green tick.png Yes
Guilds (Hyksos) 1 Green tick.png Yes


Image Technology Unlocked
Banner-Construction.png Banner Construction (Meshwesh) 1 Green tick.png Yes
Banner Construction (Meshwesh) 2 No-cross-16.png No
Diplomacy.png Diplomacy (Meshwesh) 1 No-cross-16.png No
Banner-Construction.png Global Communication (Meshwesh) 1 Green tick.png Yes
Guilds (Meshwesh) 1 Green tick.png Yes