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Afrah and I are once again set up in our usual spot south of the Gray Mountain along what is now the Upper Egypt/Swenett border.


I'm happy to make paint for people in exchange for the cost.

My recipe list


Desert Paint Codex

As usual, I'm helping Afrah with Desert Paint Codex (formerly known as Desert Paint Lab).

Ore Dowsing

I created and maintain a tool for sharing ore dowsing data.

Marble Prospecting

By request, I also have a tool that is a variation of the shared ore dowsing tool for marble prospecting.

Yeast and Beer

I'm updating my beer recipe simulator for T10.

One of the issues in T9 was that it wasn't easy to update the yeast data, so I also made a tool that will parse the results of yeast tests and update the data used by the beer simulator: yeast data