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(Skill - Worship)
Learned From

School of Worship

Papyrus Paper 50


Allows food cooked in a Kitchen to be bagged or boxed so that it may be carried in a players inventory. Requires Cooking Level 3. Note, the stats you will receive are about 20% less than fresh from the cookpot and you cannot gain a point of Gastronomy from a bagged or boxed masterpiece.

Bag Lunch Box Lunch
Cost 1 Papyrus Paper 1 Jug
1 Bottle Stopper
Duration 4 teppy hours 24 teppy hours (*)
Materials Returned on Consumption Nothing 1 Jug
1 Bottle Stopper
  • Note: The food will expire after the specified time Teppytime *or* the time at which the food packed would have expired, whichever is sooner. So if your pot of food is expiring in ten minutes, and you pack lunches, don't expect your Bagged or Boxed Lunches will stay fresh for their full duration - those, too, will spoil in ten minutes.


If you are pinned when consuming a preserved meal you may not automatically become unpinned. If this happens, drop 1 item and pick it back up.
You still should use sink food prior to consuming bagged/boxed meals.

System Notification

From System at time of release (Tale 5):

The Preservation skill is now available at Schools of Worship, to those Level 14 or higher.
Preservation allows one to package a meal to go, either in Papyrus Paper (fresh for up to 4
hours), or a stoppered jug (up to 24 hours).
Box lunches return the packaging materials, Bag Lunches do not.
The tuition for Preservation has been modified - it's now just 50 Papyrus Paper.