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(Skill - Worship)
Learned From

School of Worship

Papyrus Paper 50


Allows food cooked in a Kitchen to be bagged or boxed so that it may be carried in a players inventory. Requires Cooking Level 3. Note, the stats you will receive are about 20% less than fresh from the cookpot and you cannot gain a point of Gastronomy from a bagged or boxed masterpiece.

Bag Lunch Box Lunch
Cost 1 Papyrus Paper 1 Jug
1 Bottle Stopper
Duration 4 teppy hours 24 teppy hours (*)
Materials Returned on Consumption Nothing 1 Jug
1 Bottle Stopper
  • May depend on age of food in the kitchen when box lunch is prepared? I've gotten spoiled food after much less than 24 hours.


If you are pinned when consuming a preserved meal you may not automatically become unpinned. If this happens, drop 1 item and pick it back up.
You still should use sink food prior to consuming bagged/boxed meals.

System Notification

From System at time of release (Tale 5):

The Preservation skill is now available at Schools of Worship, to those Level 14 or higher.
Preservation allows one to package a meal to go, either in Papyrus Paper (fresh for up to 4
hours), or a stoppered jug (up to 24 hours).
Box lunches return the packaging materials, Bag Lunches do not.
The tuition for Preservation has been modified - it's now just 50 Papyrus Paper.