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Beginning 11 Jan 2020, Tale now has Daily Challenges! You will find today's challenge in your tasks list.

  • Complete one item of the challenge to earn a Minor Faction Reward point
  • Complete all items of the challenge to each a Major Faction Reward point
  • Progress on the day's challenge resets at 8 a.m. GMT


  • You must be a citizen, which requires that your avatar move from "Passage to Egypt" to the mainland
  • For Art and Thought puzzle judging, you can only receive credit once for each unique installation. If you judged it yesterday, judging it again today will not give you credit again for the daily challenge.

What are these points for?

  • Your Faction Points can be found at the bottom of your inventory window
  • Three Major Faction Reward points can be exchanged for one Royal Wax at your faction's Great Hall (and possibly at a Chancery.)
  • One Minor Faction Reward point can be exchanged for ten Compost at a Chancery