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Meshwesh:Meshwesh Times

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September 28, 2019

This weekend is the first official event of Tale 9. The challenge is to gather herbs within a two hour window of time. The event will run three three times to accommodate players in different time zones. You can read the background story here and check your in-game calendar for event times and prizes. Participation is automatic, so when the event starts, be ready to roll.

Meanwhile, Meshwesh is close to unlocking the technology of Casting, which will let us make metal bars and iron cookpots. If you’re eager to start cooking before then, you’re in luck. Our friends in Kush allowed Gabrielnight to make some pots on their equipment, and he brought them home to share. One is installed at the public works in Tanis (890 6840) and others are scattered among the guilds that call Meshwesh home. Gabe says, “To those lucky enough to get a headstart, remember to share your food with friends and neighbours across Meshwesh.”

To begin cooking, you’ll need to pick up the skill from a School of Worship. There are multiple levels that permit the use of more ingredients--and Tale has a lot of potential ingredients. Cooked food is an effective way to modify your stats. However, it’s not a simple process to master at this stage of the game. All the recipes that were mapped in Tale 8 are useless now; we’re starting from scratch! The Good Eats guild (929 -4257 West Kush) has begun gathering data here and is accepting donations of edibles for experimentation. Keep in mind that “sink food” is still important. You can read more about that in this guide.

Last week the Test of Astrological Alignment opened. The challenge is to find groups of players with whom you spiritually align. It’s an excellent way to pick up some talent points. The next alignment party is scheduled for 3PM EST Monday in South Sinai. Check here for more information]. Use Sabuli’s Alignment Tracker tool to find compatible groups. Don’t forget to pick up the test from UNP and to pack a lot of candles.

Politically, factions have remained stable with treaties holding. We’re considering a region-swap with Kush, which will cost us a week with Bahariya Oasis (giving them access to the UWorshes there) but grants us access to some of their research when the region reverts back to us. Contact Gabrielnight if you have questions or concerns.

Other Things That Happened:

  • Test of the Safari opened and the gazelles are terrified.
  • No progress in finding an alternative to the obelisk queue problem.
  • Blacksmithing and Science of Colour were put on timer.
  • Our faction bonuses this week are trash. (+1 Flax in Bitter Lakes and Cyrene, +1 Wood in Giza and Hamim.)
  • Sol, KayGee, Vixsin, Bethany, Nee, and Zareen have all been recently recognised for their contributions to research. Thanks guys!