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This template is intended to be used to allow a single reference source for map objects.

By default the generated map is 512x1024 pixels, at zoom level 2

The reason this template is required is that passing templates into extensions requires use of the #tag: function. In practice this template can probably be simplified somewhat


  • lat
  • lon
  • zoom
  • width
  • height
  • mouseoverpopup
  • tale
  • contentonly - The important part of this template. If contentonly=yes then only the first parameter (the map data lines) will be returned from the template. This allows condmaps to be nested so that multiple maps can be merged

Some Marker Options:

Shape Color Icon Image
Dot Rd markerDotRd.png
Cir Rd markerCirRd.png
Cir Vi A markerCirViA.png
Cir Or 1 markerCirOr1.png
Cir Bl diamond markerBldiamond.png
Cir Pu star markerCirPustar.png
Cir Lb Cir markerCirLbcircle.png
Cir Br fish markerBrfish.png
Cir Gr pollution markerCirGrpollution.png
Cir (blank) triangle markerCirtriangle.png
Dp Ye (blank) markerDPYe.png
Pin Wh Z markerPinWhZ.png
GH Pk (blank) markerGHPk.png
Mp Ti (element) (blank) markerMpTi.png
altar2 (blank) (blank) markeraltar2.png

For a whole lot of other options, go to: https://static.atitd.wiki/maps/markers/