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A Turn of Turtles

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A Turn of Turtles
Location 1103, 6855

Brand new guild for T10!

A social and support network of citizens who, by choice or from necessity, play at a slower pace and/or blaze our own trails.  We are very new-player, latecomer, and solo-er friendly.

Guild Motto: Slow and steady enjoys the Tale as much as anyone else!

This guild is based in Meshwesh, but all Egyptian citizens are welcome.

Guild Hall is located at 1103, 6855. This is in Meshwesh Delta, just south of the eastern Art Park at Tanis.

There is no up-front cost to join (because... we're turtles!). But we accept donations from members for anticipated future expansion. Suggested donation is 100 boards + 100 bricks per member, when you are able.

Contact Nissa if you have any questions.

In-world: Nissa

Discord: Nissa#9721