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Bags of Stuff

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So many items that display as bags!

Starting a list of "sculpture exceptions"

Flashing Pink Boxes! (needs to be given a bag)

  • cotterpin
  • gebssilversickle
  • gebssilvertokenoftheforest
  • portablecornerstone
  • flintblade
  • simpleperfume
  • temppyrodeskpermit
  • purechime

Items above this point are listed on jira, and should have the "bag" placeholder artwork now. Will check and move to the next section.

  • Mutagen

Always displays as a bag (no artwork)

  • animalbones
  • beef
  • deadant
  • distillationcoil
  • shipdebris
  • spoiledfood
  • wingsofhorus (untuned, can be loaded into a sculpture)
  • yarn

Colorless artwork in a sculpture

possible pattern: If the in-game dropped/built artwork can have multiple colors, then the original artwork (used in the sculpture) has areas which are colorless or greyscale.

  • queenbeedead, scale is also different from dropped item
  • xmascandycanesmallgreend
  • xmascandycanesmallpinkd
  • xmascandycanesmallredd
  • xmasornamentsmallredsolidd assuming it extends to all Christmas ornaments
  • xmassnowman50d no color in scarf, scale different from dropped item

Artwork when dropped, bag in a sculpture

Complex item, cannot be loaded in a sculpture

  • barometer (nice art)
  • distillationcoil (bag)
  • fishinglure (nice art)
  • hatchet (has art)
  • knife (has art)
  • lsbulb sea lily bulb (has art)
  • mutagen (nice art!)
  • sbbulb sand bloom bulb (has art)
  • shipdebris (bag)
  • venerycertificate (art = papyrus paper)
  • wheatakhet (art = straw)
  • wingsofhorust (tuned wings of Horus)

Other exceptions

  • Queen Bee (Alive) loads into a sculpture as an "invisible" item (empty stick), and no artwork is seen when item is dropped. (Flyaway and message in Main, "The Queen Bee flies away")
  • Paintable areas in tier 7 guild hall artwork: Has been reported on jira

Tier 7 GH.png