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Balance of Goods

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The Balance of Goods
The Balance of Goods
(Test - Thought)

Build an Offering Vault and fill it with rare goods each week. Points are awarded based on how few other people offered the particular item. Goods offered are for the gods, and are not recoverable by mortals.


Test Description

You start the Balance of Goods. Build an Offering Vault and fill it with rare goods. The fewer other people use the same goods, the higher your score. Each week, 5 advance.


Build an Offering Vault and fill it with those goods that few others have offered.

  • Build an Offering Vault - 1 tp
  • Place at least 10 items in the Vault - 1 tp
  • Check your Vault's contents
  • Score at least one point - 2 tp
  • Check Score Details
  • Pass Balance of Goods by winning the weekly Offering count - 3 tp

Additional Information

This is the seventh test in the discipline of Thought.

  • You may place up to 200 items in your Offering Vault each week.
  • You can only place 1 of each different item.
  • You may not take an item out of the Offering Vault once it has been placed inside.
  • Items placed in the Offering Vault are consumed each week when passes are run.
  • Complex items (those with a quality, color, name, or other attribute after a colon) cannot be used.

Passing the Principle

To check your score, click on the Offering Vault, the select Check Score Detail


  • For every item you receive 250, 100, 50, 25, 10, 5, 1, or 0 (unlisted) points based on how many other people also had that item in their vault.
  • Points from previous weeks are carried over.

Passing the Test

Each week, the 5 highest scores pass.

After passing the test your Offering Vault turns into an Honor Vault which can hold 120,000 items. An Honor Vault can be guilded.